1996-1999 HISTORY    


Coach & Horses27/4/96  Sheffield - Morrisseys 
           with Blyth Power
21/6/96  Birmingham - Coach & Horses 
           with Spithead
6/7/96   Birmingham - Curly's Garden Party 
           with Blyth Power, General Winter
7/7/96   Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Blyth Power, General Winter
25/7/96  Stoke on Trent - Wheatsheaf 
           with Platform Four
26/8/96  Stoke on Trent - Wheatsheaf 
           with Blyth Power
5/9/96   Birmingham - Anchor

8/9/96   Birmingham - Coach & Horses 
           with P.A.I.N., Extinction of Mankind, Combat Shock
31/10/96 London, Dalston - Acton Arms 
           with Concussion, The Duvals
11/12/96 London,  New Cross - Goldsmiths 
           with P.A.I.N., U.K. Subs
15/12/96 Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Four Letter Word, Rectify, Intention
7/3/97   Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Dead Mans Pants, General Winter
22/3/97  Clynog Fawr - Coach Inn 
           with Blyth Power, General Winter
7/4/97   Coventry - Golden Cross 
           with General Winter
27/5/97  London, Dalston - Acton Arms 
           with Doleclaimers, Long Decline
13/6/97  Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Spithead, Proteens
18/6/97  Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Blyth Power, General Winter, Proteens
24/7/97  Coventry - Golden Cross 
           with Speedurchin
2/8/97   Brighton - Free Butt 
           with Spithead, No Legs, Informers
22/8/97  Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Barnstormer, General Winter
3/10/97  Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Raggity Anne, Rotunda
1/12/97  Coventry - Golden Cross

12/12/97 Birmingham - Mercat 
           with Wob, General Winter
30/1/98  Birmingham - Foundry 
           with One Way System, Road Rage
Foundry Flyer

8/4/98 Birmingham - Foundry with Zero Chance 30/4/98 Birmingham - Ben Jonson with Warwound, Readers Wives 15/5/98 London, Hackney - Pembury Tavern with Police Bastard, Peer Pressure 23/5/98 Birmingham - Ben Jonson with General Winter 11/6/98 Coventry - Golden Cross with Nisha Madly 5/7/98 Birmingham - Mercat with Blyth Power, P.A.I.N., Spithead, General Winter, Intention, Pedigree Scum, Hot Tortoise, Beastly 14/7/98 Birmingham - Old Railway with Gorgeous, Pigfish 7/8/98 Birmingham - Old Railway with Set Against, Rotunda, Beaver 9/8/98 Birmingham - Foundry with Subhumans, Police Bastard, P.O.A.

Foundry Flyer

1/9/98 Birmingham - Old Railway with Beaver, Intention 4/9/98 Birmingham - Old Railway (Punx Picnic) with Detestation, Spithead, POA, Assert 25/9/98 Kings Heath (Birmingham) - Hare & Hounds with Glassfront, Hot Tortoise 16/10/98 Kings Heath - Hare & Hounds with Virus B-23, Swaktang 17/10/98 Birmingham - Old Railway (afternoon) with Hot Tortoise, Opiate, Seal Club, Gorgeous... 17/10/98 Birmingham - Sommerfield Centre (evening) with Dub Rokkaz, Louis CampbellJessi takes off! Glastonwick (Southwick) Beer/Music Festival 30/10/98 Wolverhampton - Outta Limit with H.A.F., Gout, Seal Club 11/11/98 Birmingham - Old Railway with Swaktang, The Percys 19/11/98 Wolverhampton - Outta Limit with Swaktang, Opiate 27/11/98 Birmingham - Foundry with U.K. Subs 1/12/98 Birmingham - Old Railway with Ex-Cathedra, Pigfish 10/12/98 Walsall - New World with Swaktang, The Percys, Elvis 26/1/99 Birmingham - Xposurez Rock Café with Turtlehead, Beauty School Dropout, Shatterhand 5/3/99 Birmingham - Foundry with Citizen Fish, Stratford Mercenaries 15/3/99 Birmingham - Foundry with Violent Society 2/4/99 Birmingham - Ben Jonson with Blyth Power, General Winter 15/4/99 Derby - Victoria Inn with Blyth Power 16/4/99 London, Highbury - Garage with Blyth Power, Barnstormer 23/4/99 Leeds - Duchess of York with Blyth Power 24/4/99 Lincoln - Labour Club with Blyth Power 14/5/99 Southampton - Talking Heads with Blyth Power Gladstone Flyer15/5/99 Brighton - Gladstone Arms with Blyth Power

Gladstone Arms, Brighton
29/5/99 Woverhampton - Varsity with Blyth Power, Seal Club 30/5/99 Dorchester - Liberties with Blyth Power, Howling at the Moon 6/6/99 Southwick - 'Glastonwick' Beer, Music, Poetry, and More Beer Festival with Claire Mooney, Visitors, Arfur Ha'penny & the Ten Bob Notes
'Glastonwick' (Southwick) Beer/Music Festival, 1999
12/6/99 London, Camden - Dublin Castle with Blyth Power 29/7/99 Wolverhampton - Ricos with Dogart, Colourblind Old Railway, Birmingham22/8/99 Birmingham - Old Railway with P.A.I.N, Blyth Power, General Winter, Gorgeous, Hot Tortoise 5/9/99 Birmingham - Moseley Arms (Punx Picnic) with Intention, I.O.D., Sensa Yuma, Hot Tortoise, Dream Thieves, P.O.A. 11/9/99 London, Camden - Dublin Castle with Blyth Power, Fighting Cocks 13/9/99 Birmingham - Flapper and Firkin with The Buggers, Flyboy, Intention
Firkin Flyer

18/9/99 Oxford - Jericho Tavern with Blyth Power 8/10/99 Harlow - The Square with Blyth Power 16/10/99 Bath - Porter Butt with Catharsis, P.O.A., Scalplock, The Kabin Boy, Mass-Ex 5/11/99 London, Highbury - Garage with Blyth Power, Barnstormer 13/11/99 Hebden Bridge - Trades Club with Blyth Power 26/11/99 Bearwood - Bear Tavern with Police Bastard, 100 Plastic Cups 12/12/99 Birmingham - Old Railway with Blyth Power, Dub Rokkaz 18/12/99 Hinkshay (Telford) - White Hart



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