2000 HISTORY    


3/2/00   Birmingham - Finn and Firkin 
           with My Darling Nihilist, Academy Morticians
13/2/00  Birmingham - Foundry 
           with Police Bastard, Rotunda, Intention, Harpies, 
           Psychonation, Opiate, Ackbar
17/2/00  Rugby - Fitchew and Firkin 
           with Jaded Faith
19/2/00  Matlock Bath - Fishpond 
           with Blyth Power
25/2/00  Derby - Victoria Inn 
           with Blyth Power
5/3/00   Birmingham - Foundry 
           with Citizen Fish, Intention, Academy Morticians
17/3/00  Bearwood - Bear Tavern 
           with G.B.H., Dogshit Sandwich
5/4/00   Birmingham - Old Railway 
           with Flyboy, My Darling Nihilist, Academy Morticians
22/4/00  Birmingham - Old Railway 
           with P.A.I.N., I.O.D., Astronauts, Intention, 
           The Buggers, Pigfish
27/4/00  Birmingham - Sanctuary 
           with Janus Stark, F.O.A.D.
1/5/00   Chelmsford - Army and Navy 
           with Special Duties, Violent Society, Red Flag '77
2/5/00   London, Hackney - Golden Shoe 
           with Violent Society, Gertrude
Golden Shoe Flyer

3/5/00 Birmingham - Old Railway with Violent Society, G.B.H., Lashed Up 4/5/00 Brighton - Free Butt with Violent Society, Age of Chaos 19/6/00 Liverpool - Hannover Hotel with Intention, Rotunda, Hippy Killer, Hatework 22/6/00 Newcastle Under Lyme - Full Moon with U.K. Subs 24/6/00 Leeds - White Stag with Dog on a Rope 8/7/00 Coventry - Hand and Heart with Tenpole Tudor, Gash 11/7/00 London, New Cross - Goldsmiths Tavern 14/7/00 Derby - Victoria Inn with Police Bastard, Road Rage, Rotunda, Warwound, Intention 26/8/00 Brighton - Free Butt with The Peawees, Clingfilm 27/8/00 Leicester - Spread Eagle with The Peawees, Pokers, Academy Morticians 29/8/00 London, New Cross - Goldsmiths Tavern with The Peawees, Chester 30/8/00 Birmingham - Old Railway with The Peawees, Zero Chance, The Pokers 31/8/00 Ipswich - Steamboat with The Peawees 2/9/00 Liverpool - Slaughterhouse with The Peawees, Dry Retch 3/9/00 Llandudno - West Shore Club with The Peawees, Dead Set Against, Alien Fever 14/9/00 Moseley - Patrick Kavanagh with Starazagora, FKG Band, Jo Hamilton 22/9/00 Winchester - Railway with Blyth Power 23/9/00 Bristol - Folk House with Blyth Power 28/9/00 Coventry - Hand and Heart with Wizo, Fatty Jones 29/9/00 Lincoln - Duke of Wellington with Blyth Power

1/10/00 Birmingham - Old Railway with Blyth Power, Flyboy 28/10/00 Lancaster - The Crypt with Rotunda, Filthy Lookers, Cunt Brigade 1/11/00 Birmingham - Old Railway with Bloody Sods, The Accidents 2/11/00 Manchester - Star and Garter with Bloody Sods, Instant Agony, The Accidents 19/12/00 Birmingham - Old Railway with Swaktang, Lashed Up



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