2001 HISTORY    


15/2/01  Redditch - The Venue 
           with Gash, 4ft Fingers
17/2/01  Birmingham - Moseley Arms 
           with Escalado
23/2/01  Brighton - Racehill 
           with I'm Being Good, Blue Minkies,
           We am Janet
24/2/01  Portsmouth - Horseshoe 
           with Anal Beard, In-Line Sk8ting Barbies,
           16 Bronsons
1/3/01   Italy: Sarzana - Psycho Circus 
           with Duffers, Dirty Danglers
3/3/01   Italy: Alessandria - Csa Subbuglio 
           with The Klingons, The Genitalz
4/3/01   Italy: La Spezia - Skaletta 
           with The Peawees
30/3/01  Birmingham - Foundry 
           with Southport, Dog Toffee
21/4/01  Leeds - 120 Rats 
           with Bug Central, Left for Dead, APB, Anal Beard, 
           Too Big 4 Posters
120 Rats Flyer

22/4/01 Barrow in Furness - Queens with Anal Beard, The AnarchistsRed House, Manchester, 23 April 2001 23/4/01 Manchester - Red House with Anal Beard 24/4/01 Birmingham - Old Railway with Anal Beard, Steve Francis, Sick Puppy 26/4/01 Plymouth - Tramps with Anal Beard 28/4/01 London, Forest Hill - Hobgoblin with Anal Beard, Chester, Blue Minkies 3/5/01 Redditch - The Venue with Lightyear, Whizzwood, No Direction, Shooter McGavin 16/5/01 Birmingham - Old Railway with Eggraid, Appendix 1, Emotive Exposed 17/5/01 Nottingham - Palm Tree with Eggraid 8/6/01 Nottingham - Langham Arms with Bug Central, Kismet HC, Flyboy, The Pheramones 9/6/01 Nottingham - 1 Club with Bus Station Loonies, Left for Dead, Sensa Yuma, APB, Anarchy Spanky 25/6/01 Birmingham - Flapper and Firkin with Dub Rokkaz, Intention 8/7/01 Morecambe - The Platform, Holidays in the Sun Festival 14/7/01 Leeds - The Primrose (Punks' Picnic) with Dog on a Rope, Bug Central, Left for Dead, Bus Station Loonies, Nailbiter 15/7/01 Leeds - The Primrose Jessi solo (Punks' Picnic afternoon acoustic gig) with Joseph Porter (Blyth Power) and Pog. (Anal Beard) 28/7/01 Acocks Green - Curly’s Garden Party with P.A.I.N., General Winter. 12/8/01 Brighton - Hobgoblin (Cowley Club Benefit) with Anal Beard, Eggraid, The Holefuckers, Gob Dylan, Combat Shock, M.T.A.

Cowley Flyer

18/8/01 Tallington - Whistle Stop (free event) with Blyth Power, Mad Dogs and Englishmen, General Winter, Chris Butler, Jehovas Witless, Mick Tyas, Rachael Pantechnicon 2/9/01 Birmingham - Market Tavern (Punx Picnic) with The Dangerfields, Drongos for Europe, Cracked Actors, Flyboy, Agrogazm, Rabies Babies, Appendix One, Lashed Up 15/9/01 Plymouth - Tramps (Punks' Picnic) with Combat Shock, Thingy, No Comply, Rotunda, Bus Station Loonies 16/9/01 Plymouth - Nowhere Inn (afternoon) Jessi solo with Pog 21/9/01 Leeds - 120 Rats (Last ever gig at that venue) with Runnin’ Riot, Bilge Pump, Finger and Thumb, Dog on a Rope, Eggraid, Kismet H.C., Red Shift 30/9/01 Birmingham - Market Tavern (Firefighters Benefit) 13/10/01 Hove - Sanctuary Cafe (cellar) Jessi solo with The Astronauts, Steve Lake, Liane Hall, Pog, Jimmy Bullet; part of the 'Beat Bedsit weekend'. 25/10/01 Bristol - Bristol Comedy Pub with Disorder, Breakout 31/10/01 Birmingham - Old Railway with Gorgeous, Pigfish 1/11/01 Lancaster - The Crypt (Royal Kings Arms Hotel) with Eggraid, Cunt Brigade, Confrontation, Filthy Lookers 2/11/01 Aberdeen - Drakes Bar with Eggraid, Psychoa go-go 3/11/01 Glasgow - 13th Note Cafe with Eggraid, Social Insecurity 4/11/01 Birmingham - Market Tavern with Nervous Tension, The Girlscouts, 10 Foot Midget, The Morons 10/11/01 Nottingham - Palm Tree with APB, Eggraid, Evil Macaroni 14/11/01 Northampton - Racecourse with Oi Polloi 16/11/01 Manchester - Star and Garter with GBH, The Kirkz 17/11/01 Leeds - Primrose with Contempt, Dog on a Rope, Rotunda, Anarchy Spanky, Homebrew, Too Big for Posters 1/12/01 Morecambe - Coopers Tap with Filthy Lookers, 3CR, Born Idle, Confrontation 9/12/01 London, Tottenham - Swan with Born Dead Icons 11/12/01 Birmingham - Old Railway with Born Dead Icons, Dog Shit Sandwich, Flyboy 12/12/01 Cheltenham - Fish and Fiddle with Chikinky 13/12/01 Brighton - Free Butt with Born Dead Icons 15/12/01 Lichfield - Paradise Lounge with Gorgeous 17/12/01 Birmingham - Market Tavern with The Fish Brothers, General Winter 27/12/01 Gloucester - Deans Walk Inn with Skankt, Judy Speedway, Third Mode Theory



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