2003 HISTORY    



1/2/03   Birmingham - Market Tavern 
           with The Fish Brothers, General Winter, Flat Nine
7/2/03   Bristol - Duke of Cambridge
           with Jellybelly
21/2/03  Bristol - Duke of Cambridge
           with Hacksaw
6/3/03   Birmingham - City Tavern Jessi solo
           with Ava Ming, Adrian Johnson, Simon Pitt and others.
7/3/03   Birmingham - Market Tavern 
           with The General Winter, Giga-0, Apapia No
8/3/03   Sheffield - The Grapes 
           with General Winter, Giga-0
13/3/03  Hereford - The Imperial
           with Orange Mo, Fuck Hate Propaganda
14/3/03  Wrexham - Talbot Bar
           with Stuntface
15/3/03  Stoke on Trent - Talbot Hotel 
           with Friends Of Ken, Stuntface, Bastards Trained by Bastards,
           H8 Target, Dogshit Sandwich, Fuck Hate Propaganda, Voltface,
           Last Under the Sun, Damn Dirty Apes, Black Traffic
31/3/03  Cheltenham - Fish & Fiddle
           with Blacklisted, Athlete's Foot
4/4/03   Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Blyth Power, Chris Butler
5/4/03   Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Benny, The Unknown, Stuntface, Hacksaw, General Winter
6/4/03   Bristol - The Croft
           with Far-Cue, Chemical Reaction, Hacksaw, Jelly Belly,
           Bay Six, The Setbacks, Jokei Ciro, Fruit of the Doom
12/4/03  Birmingham - Edwards No.8
           with Goldblade, Fat Cat and the Backhanders, and others
17/4/03  Brighton - Hobgoblin
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno
18/4/03  Maidenhead - Newt and Cucumber
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno, Glueball,
           Ollie Impossible, One Inch Pud, and others
19/4/03  Leicester - The Shed
           with Anal Beard
20/4/03  Leeds - Primrose
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno, Indicator, Pledge Alliance 
21/4/03  Lancaster - Farmers Arms
           with Anal Beard, Confrontation, Project Adorno
22/4/03  Barrow-in-Furness - Healey's Bar
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno
23/4/03  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno,
           Bastards Trained by Bastards, The Dangerfields
24/4/03  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Anal Beard, Keith Peace, Rachael Pantechnicon 
25/4/03  Exeter - North Bridge Inn
           with Project Adorno, Wob, We am Janet, Bemble 
26/4/03  Plymouth - Nowhere Inn
           with Anal Beard, Project Adorno
30/4/03  Stoke on Trent - Odyssey 
           with Friends of Ken, Bastards Trained by Bastards,
           Skalinskis, 99p, Sabotage Left, Porno Monkey,
           From My Room, Babblefish, Bax Rafter 
1/5/03   Spalding - The Ship Albion
           with Missing in Action, Alpha-Fly Rights, Copyright 
2/5/03   Thurlby - The Horseshoe
           with Blyth Power 
17/5/03  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Drongos for Europe, Jif Not Cif, General Winter, Dirge 
19/5/03  Stoke-on-Trent - Cheers
           with 99p 
19/6/03  Morecambe - Bath Hotel
           with Lowlife, Filthy Lookers, Confrontation, Nana's Revenge 
26/6/03  Ireland: Dublin - The Temple
           with Miuku, The Dangerfields, Kid Blunt
27/6/03  Ireland: Ballymahon - Paddy's Pub
           with Miuku, The Dangerfields
28/6/03  Ballymoney - Bush Tavern
           with Freebase, Slit, Godsize, Japstaf, The Dangerfields
29/6/03  Ballycastle - Antrim Arms
           with The Dangerfields, Mugshots, Real Bad Fall
30/6/03  Ireland: Limerick - The High Stool
           with Freebase, Slit, Godsize, The Dangerfields
1/7/03   Belfast - Front Page
           with No Less My Life, F.A.B. Experience, No Hero
3/7/03   Dundee - Drouthy Neebors
           with Eat Yer Greens, Space Man Lance 
4/7/03   Aberdeen - Dr. Drake's
           with The Dangerfields, Ken Hutchin
5/7/03   Kirkcaldy - Path Tavern
           with Antimaniax, The Dangerfields
6/7/03   Edinburgh - Studio 24
           with The Dangerfields, No Less My Life, Infitada
7/7/03   Glasgow - Stereo
           with Los Destructos, Eat Yer Greens,
           George Bush and the Freedom Fighters
8/7/03   Barrow-in-Furness - Healey's Bar
           with The Dangerfields
11/7/03  Derby - Raffles Wine Bar
           with Extinction of Mankind, Fuck Hate Propaganda
12/7/03  Derby - Bass Recreation Ground (Punks Picnic)
           with The Dangerfields, External Menace, Paul Carter and
12/7/03  Birmingham - Royal George
           with General Winter, Spithead
26/7/03  Tallington - Whistle Stop
           with Blyth Power, Giga-0, General Winter, Rome Burns,
           Rachael Pantechnicon, Daddy Those Men Scare Me, Silverleaf
27/7/03  Tallington - Whistle Stop
           with Blyth Power
27/7/03  Birmingham - Royal George
           with The Dangerfields, Stepford Wives 
28/7/03  Nottingham - Old Angel
           with Disorder, Greedy Bambi, The Dangerfields
30/7/03  Lancaster - Revolution
           with Victims of Radiation, One to One
15/8/03  Spalding - Black Swan
           with Missing in Action, Atticus Finch
16/8/03  Moulton Seas End - Festival 
           with Bonesaw
22/8/03  Motherwell - Cherry Tree
           with Blyth Power, Debris
23/8/03  Kyleakin, Isle of Skye - King Haakon Bar
           with Blyth Power
24/8/03  Newcastle-upon-Tyne - Chillingham
           with Blyth Power, New York Scum Haters
25/8/03  Leeds - New Roscoe
           with Blyth Power, Nowhere Man
8/9/03   Oxford - Wheatsheaf Jessi solo
           with Joseph Porter, Peter from Wendover
12/9/03  Plymouth - Tramps (Punks' Picnic Weekend) 
           with Bug Central, Loggerhead, Reeko, Fuck Hate Propaganda,
           Bus Station Loonies 
13/9/03  Plymouth - Tramps (Punks' Picnic Weekend) 
           with The Fish Brothers, Gorgeous, S-Punk 3,
           Smiling with Semtex, The Once Over Twice  
14/9/03  Plymouth - Nowhere Inn (Punks' Picnic Weekend) 
           with Joseph Porter, Dick Lucas, Hacksaw, Nick Toczek,
           Rev. Porl, Selwyn Froglet, Spud and Dave 
16/9/03  Birmingham - Royal George
           with The Apers, The Griswalds,The Zatopeks, The Hunchbacks
17/9/03  Boston - Indian QueenGlastonwick 2002
           with The Apers, The Happy Hostages
18/9/03  Spalding - Black Swan
           with Overboard 3, Insaniac
26/9/03  Plymouth - Phoenix
           with Bus Station Loonies
9/10/03  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Dogshit Sandwich, Paul Carter
10/10/03 Birmingham - Royal George
           with Giga-0, Adolf and the Piss Artists, The Meanwells
11/10/03 Sheffield - The Grapes 
           with Giga-0
27/12/03 Lancaster - Yorkshire House 
           with Confrontation



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