2005 HISTORY    


2/1/05   Stockport - Thatched House
           with SICK 56, Skeptix, False Idol, Paul Carter, The Remnants
8/1/05   Stoke on Trent - The Glebe
           with Friends of Ken
16/2/05  Camden (London) - Purple Turtle
           with Cherry Reds, Look Mum No Hands, Five Second Hand Rule
17/2/05  Coventry - Jailhouse
           with The Gaskins, Our Last Chance, The Juliana Down, 
           No Routine
18/2/05  Selly Oak (Birmingham) - Nursery Squat Party
           with P.A.I.N., Chemical Kaos, D'Corner Boyz,
           The Dangerfields
19/2/05  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with P.A.I.N., Chemical Kaos
20/2/05  Preston - The Mill
           with The Hyperjax, Protocol, Pike, Suspicious Stains, 
           Devil Doll, Infra Dig, Cacophony, Dying For Toto.
           (Women's Refuge Benefit)
21/2/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Shatterhand, Lee Malvo
24/2/05  Worcester - Marrs Bar 
           with Gorgeous
4/3/05   Lancaster - Yorkshire House 
           with Sick 56, Lowlife UK, Confrontation
5/3/05   Rugeley - Red Rose
           with False Idol, Paul Carter and P45
13/3/05  Manchester - Star & Garter
           with Dead End Boys, The Threats, The Remnants
26/3/05  Bearwood (Birmingham) - Bear Tavern
           with General Winter, Big Lucky
28/3/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Little Hero, Kriss Foster (Pub quiz)
15/4/05  Northampton - Labour Club
           with Steven Cooper and DJs
16/4/05  Brighton - Hobgoblin
           with Anal Beard, Combat Shock
17/4/05  Coventry - The Jailhouse
           with The Sound Explosion, Yankee Nine Niner, Any Given Day
30/4/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with 3 Ages of Elvis, Confrontation, Forenzic,
           Steve from Sanity Clause (Reclaim May Day)
1/5/05   Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Paddy, Steve from Sanity Clause
           (Pub quiz; Reclaim May Day)
2/5/05   Preston - 12 Bar
           with Instant Agony, Confrontation, St. Elmo (Reclaim May Day)
6/5/05   Ipswich - The Steamboat
           with Gorgeous
7/5/05   Birmingham - Moseley Arms
           with General Winter
12/5/05  Spalding - Black Swan (The Annexe)
           with Riggolo
13/5/05  Cromford - Boat Inn
           with Chris Butler
14/5/05  Kingsbury - Waterfront Bar
18/5/05  Morecamber - Fred's Bar
           with Confrontation, Filthy Lookers, Back Dated,
           Churchill, Alternative Arrangement
19/5/05  Morecambe - The Platform Jessi solo
           with Paul Carter and others ('Wasted' Festival)
19/5/05  Morecambe - The Dome (Waterfront Bar)
           with Da Skywalkers, Capo Regime, Emergency,
           X-Rippers, New York Scum Haters ('Wasted' Festival)
22/5/05  Morecambe - The Platform Jessi solo
           ('Wasted' Festival)
3/6/05   Saxmundham - White Hart Hotel
           with The Queers, The Dangerfields, The Wankers, Dead by Gun
4/6/05   Shoreham Airport - 'Glastonwick' Beer, Music, Poetry, 
           and More Beer FestivalGlastonwick 2005
           with Anal Beard, David Rovics,
           Rory Ellis, Chris T-T
           (afternoon session)
5/6/05   Brighton - Marlborough Theatre
           with Anal Beard, 
           Phillip Jeays, Project Adorno
8/6/05   Belfast - Front Page
           with The Queers, The Evangelists, 
           Dead by Gun, Mellow Dramatic,
           The Scrotum Poles
9/6/05   Downpatrick - Hoot Bar
           with The Hives, 
           The Landlord's Rory Gallagher Tribute Experience
10/6/05  Derry - Nerve Centre
11/6/05  Stockport - Thatched House
           with Flamingo 50, Suspicious Stains, Churchill,
           Back Dated and others
18/6/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Mob Curious, Gas'd, Pascal's Slide Show
1/7/05   Folkestone - Lanterns
           with The Vibrators, More Than Normal,
           Charlie Harper, Suspicious Stains
2/7/05   Bishops Stortford - Half Moon
           with Bug House, Steven Cooper, Verbal Warning
9/7/05   Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Goldblade, Sprog Noggin, Outlaw
14/7/05  Birmingham - Moseley Arms
           with Eddie and the Hot Rods, Cracked Actors
15/7/05  Tallington - Whistle Stop Jessi solo
           with Red Wedding, Pog, Chris Butler, Wob and others   
16/7/05  Tallington - Whistle Stop
           with Blyth Power, General Winter, Anal Beard, 
           New York Scum Haters, Verbal Warning, Amateur Ninja Club,
           Daddy Those Men Scare Me, Rachel Pantechnicon
13/8/05  Plymouth - Tramps
           with Freaks Union, The Once Over Twice, 
           Apocalypse Babies, Confrontation  
16/8/05  Saxmundham - White Hart Hotel
           with The Dangerfields, The Nerds 
17/8/05  Norwich - Ferryboat Inn
           with The Dangerfields, The Nerds, Dutchboy 
26/8/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Confrontation, Mirrorkill (Post G8 Legal Support)
27/8/05  Bath - Porter Butt
           with Cupid Stunt and others
28/8/05  Tamworth - The Tavern in the Town
           with Verbal Warning
2/9/05   Birmingham - Market Tavern 
           with Homebrew, The Nihilists, Dive, Bickle's Cab, Bottlejob
10/9/05  Netherlands: Amsterdam - Melkweg
           with MDM, Sick on the Bus, Goldblade, Deadline, Chaos UK, 
           The Real MacKenzies, The Addicts, Molotov Cocktail,
           Fleas and Lice, Disturbance, Beerzone and others
           ('Wasted' Festival)
16/9/05  Northampton - Sunnyside 
           with Steven Cooper
17/9/05  Nottingham - Rescue Rooms 
           with The Men They Couldn't Hang
18/9/05  Birmingham - The Rainbow
           with Goldblade, G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S., The Blunts, 
           Havana a-go-go, Mapatazi Bob, Intention
23/9/05  Birmingham - Market Tavern 
           with General Winter, The Cracked Actors
27/9/05  Kilburn, London - The Luminaire 
           with TV Smith, Refuse//All
30/9/05  Cambridge - Man in the Moon 
           with New York Scum Haters, Hotwired
28/10/05 Liverpool - Hev'n & Hell 
           with D'Corner Bois, The Arguments, Empire of Vomit
31/10/05 Brixton - The Jam 
           with The Subhumans + Good Cop Bad Cop
4/11/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Attila the Stockbroker
6/11/05  Manchester - Briton's Protection Jessi solo
           with Attila the Stockbroker
7/11/05  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with The Subhumans, Confrontation, The Guilty Pleasures
11/11/05 Bellshill - Joker's Bar 
           with Rabid Dogs, Buzzbomb
12/11/05 Glasgow - 13th Note 
           with Yer-Maw, Chevy and the Chasers, Bastards of Science
13/11/05 Falkirk - Jack's Bar Jessi solo
           with Lucky Strikes, Lindz
18/11/05 Derby - Victoria Inn 
           with Goldblade, Holy Racket
19/11/05 Kings Heath (Birmingham) - Hare and Hounds 
           with Goldblade, Peoples Republic of Mercia,
           The Soup Machine (St. Pauli benefit)
20/11/05 London - Kilburn Luminaire 
           with Dustinís Bar Mitzvah, Fast Lane Roogalator, The Ghosts,
           The Red Kites, Swill & The Swaggerband, Neck
2/12/05  Spalding - Ship Albion 
           with Rigolo and others
3/12/05  Bishops Stortford - Half Moon
           with TV Smith, Verbal Warning, Steven Cooper
13/12/05 London - Kilburn Luminaire 
           with The Men They Couldnt Hang
16/12/05 Bristol - The Junction
           with Hacksaw, Sucka, The Commies
23/12/05 Nottingham - The Old Angel
           with Verbal Warning, New York Scum Haters, Steven Cooper
29/12/05 Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Kriss Foster, Mick Murphy, Little hero and others



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