2006 HISTORY    


14/1/06  Telford - Haygate
           with Cupid Stunt
4/2/06   Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Failsafe, More Than Normal, Jester, Confrontation and Fuckerpunch
5/2/06   Barrow In Furness - Queens Hotel
           with More Than Normal, Drowning Trout and UK Assassins
10/2/06  Blackburn - Cellar Bar
           with Ambush UK and The Slash Monkeys
11/2/06  Nottingham - Junction 7
           with  Drongos for Europe, Poundaflesh, 3CR, Dogsflesh, F.T.W.L, Chimp Biscuit and Splynta
20/2/06  Brighton - Sanctuary Cafe Jessi solo
           with Steve Lake, Mark Astronaut and Wob
22/2/06  London - Kilburn Luminaire
           with The Adult Section and Plan A
3/3/06   Birmingham - Scruffy Murphy's
           with Intention and Skimmer
11/3/06  Spondon - The Asterdale
           with The Mirkins and Verbal Warning
12/3/06  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with The Dangerfields, Teenage Casket Co and Kriss Foster
18/3/06  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with The Blunts, D'Corner Bois and the Penitrators
24/3/06  Birmingham - Bearwood Tavern
           Two sets!
30/3/06  Tandragee - The Paddock
           with The Upgrades, The Black Alley Screens, Bulldog & Wig
31/3/06  Ballintoy - Cararick-a-Rede Bar
           with the Dragged and others
1/4/06   Sligo - Coollera House
           with with Rooskey, Mouthpiece, Vicious Circles, Die Fedz and The Derelicts
2/4/06   Dublin - Voodoo Lounge
           with The Upgrades, Amps Ablaze and The Delinqwits
3/4/06   Belfast - The Bunker
           with The Lobotomies, 1000 Drunken Nights and Latex Spider Monkeys
6/4/06   Northampton - Labout Club (Hunt Sabs Benefit)
           with Scurge and Rotten Agenda
7/4/06   Cromford - The Boat Inn
           with Long Grass and Chris Butler
9/4/06   Long Eaton - The Sportsman
           with Verbal Warning, Pax and Lack of Discipline
10/4/06  London - Metro Bar
           with TV Smith, Rubella Ballet and Age of Chaos and Fat Sue
12/4/06  Coventry - The Jailhouse
           with Dead End Boys, Pestpocken, Head Clinic, Redneck Zombies
13/4/06  Brighton - Free Butt
           with Combat Shock and Pog
14/4/06  Dover - Louis Armstrong
           with More Than Normal and Pog
14/4/06  Folkstone - Jolly Frenchman
           with Jester
15/4/06  Eastbourne - Bonners Music Shop (Daytime)
15/4/06  Sheffield - Old Matilda Arts Centre (Punx Picnic)
           with Bait, Heartfelt, Paul Carter, The Narcotix, Pog, Visual Offence, The Cunts,
           Idiots Intoxicated, Goast Bastard
16/4/06  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Bastards Trained By Bastards, Pog and Contempt
17/4/06  Hitchin - Club 85
           with Pog, Rat Pigeon and Infernotorium
20/4/06  Laudio (Basque Contry) - Gaztetxea
           with Grupo de Riesgo, Four Score and Pabellon 314
21/4/06  Laudio (Basque Contry) - Centro Social Okupado / Orbeko Etxea
           with Pabellon 314 and Deskiciadox
22/4/06  Donostia/San Sebastian (Basque Country) - Sala Mogambo
           with Pabellon 314, Oztopo and Satura
23/4/06  Sopelana (Basque Country) - Ganebarri Gaztetxea
           with Pabellon 314
28/4/06  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Bastards Trained By Bastards and Paul Carter
29/4/06  Birmingham - Bear
29/4/06  Retford - Broken Wheel
           With Adulescents UK and Feeb
30/4/06  Boston - Indian Queen
           with Narcosis, Ghost Bastard
1/5/06   Bristol - Packers Field
2/5/06   Belper - Queens Head Jessi solo
           with Phil Doleman and Chris Butler
5/5/06   Kettering - Sawyers
           with Ed Tudor Pole, TMart and the Raiders
9/5/06   Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Joyeaux
10/5/06  Edinburgh - Subway
           with Robotnika and Plastic Adults
11/5/06  Dundee - Dexters
           with The Try Hards, The Upstarts, The Planeteers and State of Affairs
12/5/06  Aberdeen - Tunnels
           with The Upstarts and The Planeteers
13/5/06  Elgin - Ocean
           with The Try Hards, The Upstarts, The Planeteers and A Gayboy Scene
14/5/06  Glasgow - Queen Margaret Union
           with Mutley and UK Death Charge
18/5/06  Ipswich - The Railway
           with Rock It Dogs and Allied Force
19/5/06  Northampton - Sunnyside
20/5/06  Birmingham - Spotted Dog (Genoa Defence Fund)
           with The Heels
2/6/06   Shoreham Airport (Glastonwick Beer Festival)
           with McDermott's Two Hours, David Rovics and Wob
8/6/06   London - Punx Olympix
           with Social Schism, Cliteros Allsorts, Blank Heads plus others
23/6/06  Kettering - Sawyers
           with D'Cornor Bois and Rotten Agenda
7/7/06   Telford - Haygate
           with Smack Rats
8/7/06   Derby - Punx Picnic Bass rec
           with Paul Carter, Poundaflesh, Inner Terrestrials, Filthpact, 
           Drongos for Europe, 3CR, Cupid Stunt, Dogsflesh, 
           FTWL and The Mothers
15/7/06  Norwich - Marquee
           with Hotwired and Steven Cooper
22/7/06  London, Stockwell - The Grosvenor
           with Drongos for Europe, Defcon Zero, Kakistocracy, 
           Lost Cherees and Beyond Repair
3/8/06   Brighton - The Albert
           with Pabellon 314 and Flat Pig
5/8/06   Tallington - Whistle Stop
           with Blyth Power, Wob, Pog, Project Adorno, Jack, 
           New York Scum Haters, Daddy Those Men Scare Me, 
           Funsponge and Rachel Pantechnicon
6/8/06   Northampton - Racehorse
           with Pabellon 314 and Rotten Agenda
7/8/06   Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Pabellon 314 and Rotten Agenda
13/8/06  Blackpool - Winter Gardens 'Wasted Festival' Jessi solo
16/8/06  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with TV Smith, Garden Gang and The Upstarts
18/8/06  Barthomley - The Old Rectory
           with Garden Gang
20/8/06  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Barnyard Masturbator, Wild Youth, Gizmo and Laff Kill
23/8/06  Kettering - Sawyers Jessi solo
26/8/06  Dewsbury - West Riding Bar
27/8/06  Preston - The Venue
           with Sick 56, Paul Carter, Kings of the Delmar,
           One Man Stand, The Bobby Dazzlers, The Kirkz,
           Three One Fives, Boredom
3/9/06   Birminham - Moseley Arms (Punx Picnic)
           with Ram Man, Paul Carter, Budasbeli and others
9/9/06   Plymouth - White Rabbit (Punx Picnic)
           with The Toretz, Hacksaw, Quarantine, Immoral, Denada
10/9/06  Plymouth - Nowhere Inn (Punx Picnic) Jessi solo
           with  The Bus Station Loonies, Rev Porl, Paul Carter,
           Harakiri Karaoke, Lack of Discipline, Profane, 
           The Spider Babies, Ash, Dan Mahomo
15/9/06  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Tmart and the Raiders, and One Day Elliot
21/9/06  Morecambe - The Platform
           with Chumbawamba (acoustic) and Chris Butler
22/9/06  Barrow in Furness - Healeys Bar
           with UK Assassins
23/9/06  Blackburn - Cellar Bar
           with Doubting Thoma, Deaf Circuit, Devil to Pay, 
           Senton Bombs, Swallow, Ambush UK, Stillborn,
           Three One Fives, Boredom, James GP, C.S.O.D, The Scabs,
           Side show Sirens, Crouch Mog, The Exorsisters,
           Paul Carter, UFX, Eastfield, Lowlife UK, Sick 56
28/9/06  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Mummrah, Thracia and T-Mart and the Raiders
21/10/06 Chesham - Football Club 
           with Sex Beasts
23/10/06 London - Kilburn, The Good Ship (Jessi Solo)
           with Wob, Pog, Tim Holehouse, Unicorn Choice and Steven Boyle
25/10/06 Birmingham - The Gallows (Jessi Solo)
           with The Lobotomies and The Cunts
27/10/06 Birmingham - Market Tavern 
           with Ram-Man, Pog and Wob
29/10/06 Kettering - Sawyers 
           with Ed Tudor Pole, Tmart and the Raiders, The Adulescents UK,
           Paul Carter, Verbal Warning, Wob, Rotten Agenda, Pog, Wonk Unit and ?
11/11/06 Birmingham - Epic Skate Park (Subvert) 
           with The Heels, Cupid Stunt and Dik Guru
12/11/06 Stalybridge - Station Buffer Jessi solo
           with Rev Porl, Christina Lee, Sal Charnock and Love Street
29/11/06 Kettering - Sawyers (Jessi Solo)
           with Chris Butler and Joe Palmer
1/12/06  Birmingham - Malt Shovel
           with Inner Terrestrials, Pungent Smells and Cupid Stunt
3/12/06  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Pete Rawlinson James Pleasures and Kriss Foster
8/12/06  Kettering - Sawyers
           with New York Scum Haters, Paul Carter, Steven Cooper & the Charlies
9/12/06  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Drongos for Europe/F.T.W.L./Within Breach and Wild Youth
18/12/06 London - Kilburn, The Good Ship Jessi solo
           with The Mighty Cougar, Tom Dangerous, Jack Gobsmob and others
30/12/06 Langley - The Bridge
           with The C*nts, Dik Guru and Convulsing Gas Man
31/12/06 Kettering - Sawyers
           with T-mart & the Raiders



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