2007 HISTORY    


19/1/07  Grantham - The Castlegate
           with New York Scumhaters and Barnyard Masturbator
20/1/07  Leicester - The Victory
           with New York Scumhaters, Fight Back and Barnyard Masturbator
26/1/07  Birmingham - Epic Skate Park
           with Intention, Radiation Angels and Gorgeous
31/1/07  Norwich - B2 Club
           with Washed Up and Dead Enders
3/2/07   Lancaster - Yorkshire House (Jessi solo with Stef Leppard)
           with Kings of the Delmar, One Man Stand and Acoustic Pleasures
8/2/07   Birmingham - Scruffy Murphys
           with Rotunda and Intention
10/2/07  Belper - Queens Head
           with Chris Butler, Steven Cooper and Phil Doleman
16/2/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Murray Torkildsen, New York Scumhaters and Verbal Warning
22/2/07  Reading - The Turks Head
           with Second in Line and The Stats
23/2/07  Halifax - The Shay
           with Barnyard Masturbator The Kirkz and AB Negative
24/2/07  Ashton-Under-Lyme - Witchwood
           with New York Scumhaters, Hyperjax and Paul Carter
25/2/07  Manchester - The Castle
           with Barnyard Masturbator, 3CR and Matt Gizmo
28/2/07  London (Kilburn) - The Luminaire
           with Spizz Energi and Cop on the Edge
2/3/07   Kettering - Sawyers
           with The Men They Couldn't Hang and Paul Simmonds
10/3/07  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with This System Kills, Kamikaze Sperm, Rotten Agenda, Little Whores on the Prairie and The Detrimentals
23/3/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Steven Cooper & the Charlies and TV Smith
1/4/07   Birmingham - Railway Arches
           with The Heels, No Folking Good and The Band With No Name
7/4/07   Birmingham - Epic Skate Park (Vegan Prisoners Support Benefit)
           with Active Slaughter, Contempt, Headjam, Ram-Man, Rotten Agenda and  Intention
8/4/07   Leicester - Firebug (afternoon) Jessi solo
           with Paul Carter, Matt Gizmo and others
8/4/07   Leicester - Firebug (afternoon)
           with Homebrew, Barnyard Masturbator, Polished Rockets and First Time Riot
13/4/07  Lancaster - Gregson
           with Tracey Curtis and Chris Butler
14/4/07  Barrow-In-Furness - Healeys Bar
           with UK Assassins
21/4/07  Bristol - The Junction
           with Gurkha, Far-Que and Jesus Bruiser

27/4/07  Bedford - Danny's Bar (Esquires)
           with Citizen Keyne
28/4/07  Cambridge - Man on the Moon
           with with New York Scumhaters, ICH, Hotwired, Filthy Rats and The Tagnuts
5/5/07   Leith - Thomas Morton Hall
           with I Stand Alone and friends
6/5/07   Glasgow - Rockers
           with Chernobyl Benefit with Gaunt, Down to Kill, Buzzbomb, The lobotomies, Constant Fear and others
9/5/07   Kettering - Sawyers Jessi solo
           with Paul Carter and Ed Ache
11/5/07  Chesterfield - The Green Room Jessi solo
           with Danbert Nobacon, Chris Butler, Phil Doleman
12/5/07  Birmingham - Market Tavern Jessi solo
           with 3CR, I'm a Mess, Nazi Dogs and Little Whores on the Prairie
18/5/07  Birmingham - Epic Skate Park Jessi solo
           with Lost Cherees, 3 Minute Warning and the Pressure Tones
19/5/07  Birmingham (Bearwood) - The Bear
           Food Not Bombs Benefit with Intention, Cupid Stunt and Old School Tie
22/5/07  Norwich - B2 Club
           with Washed Up
1/6/07   Telford - Haygate
           with D'Corner Bois, Intention and Oktophobia
2/6/07   Manchester - The Castle
           D'Corner Bois, Intention and Oktophobia
           with Paul Carter, Pungent Smells, Bullet Kings, Kamikazee Sperm and Rev Porl
3/6/07   Rhyl - Dudley Arms
           with The Big, Attila the Stockbroker, The Display Team, Dead End Boys,
           Paul Carter, Flat Back Four,  Portrait of a Lifetime, The Guilty
           Pleasures, Kamikazee Sperm, Case Closed and The Sick Dastardlys
10/6/07  Mansfield - Town Mill
           with Ed Tudor Pole, Splodgenessabounds, The Liarbilities and Verbal Warning
12/6/07  Belfast - Lavery's Bunker Jessi solo
           with Beef Central and Lando
14/6/07  Belfast - Front Page Jessi solo
           with Numskull, The Lobotomies, Hammer Brothers and Simsie acoustic
15/6/07  Bellshill - Jokers Bar
           with Acid Tongue, Red Eyes and Buzz Bomb
16/6/07  Edinburgh - Three Tuns
           with Last Ditch and Begrumbles
24/6/07  Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with The Objex, D'Corner Bois and The Detrimentals
27/6/07  Birmingham - Epic Skate Park Jessi solo
           with Dead Man's Root
29/6/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Goldblade and Henry & the Bleeders
12/7/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Citizen Fish and AOS3
21/7/07  (afternoon) Northampton - St Albans Church Hall
         (evening) Peterborough - City Club (Atrium Bar)
22/7/07  Oxford - The X
           Anti-War Xmas Party with the Carpet Bombers and Visionfall
1/8/07   London - 12 Bar Jessi solo
           with Kepi (Groovie Ghoulies), Little Jonny Fox, P-uke (Banjo Ramones Covers) and 3 Chord Craig
4/8/07   Belper - Queen's Head Jessi solo
           with Tracey Curtis, Phil Doleman and Chris Butler
5/8/07   Birmingham - Flapper and Firkin
           with Contempt, Noctophyle and Dik Guru
9/8/07   Birmingham - Market Tavern
           with Greenland Whalefishers, Mapatazi Bob and Dik Guru
11/8/07  Chesterfield - Queens Park "FREE FEST" Jessi solo
           with Atilla the Stockbroker, Chris Butler and others
17/8/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with P.A.I.N. and D'Corner Bois
18/8/07  London (Hackney) - Chats Palace
           Fundraiser night for Animal Welfare with Active Slaughter and Social Parasite
22/8/07  Birmingham - Market Tavern Jessi solo
           with Pungent Smells and The Lobotomies
24/8/07  London - 100 Club
           with Viva Las Vegas, Bitch Pistols and Dirty Love
25/8/07  London (Stockwell) - The Grosvenor
           with Disturbance, The Restarts, Def Con Zero and London Guns
26/8/07  Kettering - Sawyers - afternoon... Jessi solo
           with Dik Guru, Chris Butler, Paul Carter and Steven Cooper
26/8/07  Kettering - Sawyers - evening
           with Drongos for Europe, Contempt, Dun 2 Def, Ram-Man and Rotten Agenda
31/8/07  Bristol - The Plough
           Lustafari Soundz with Kilnaboy, Jesus Bruiser and Cosmo
1/9/07   Plymouth - White Rabbt
           with MDM, Denada, Pigfish, and Justin Credible & the Droogs
8/9/07   Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Persian Cultural Society, The Murdocks and Ben Walker
14/9/07  Birmingham - Que Club
16/9/07  Derby - Victoria Inn
           Animal Rights benefit with Inner Terrestrials, Contempt, Bastards Trained by Bastards, Pungent Smells, Within Breach, War System, FTWL and Ram-Man
22/9/07  Belper - The Queen's Head
           with Paul Carter, Steven Cooper, Chris Butler and Phil Doleman
27/9/07  Munich - Neuland
           with Garden Gang and the Gum Babies
29/9/07  Chemnitz - Subway to Peter
           with The Garden Gang
6/10/07  Leicester - Shed (Basement)
           with New York Scumhaters (Karioke set), Dun 2 Def, The Nags, Gizmo and Matt Woods
14/10/07 Birmingham - The Malt Shovel
           with P.A.I.N, Pungent Smells, Paul Carter, Officer Down, and Self Inflicted
19/10/07 Brighton - Cowley Club
           with Pog and We Am Janet
20/10/07 London - 12 Bar (Tottenham Court Road)
           with The Disrupters, Refuse/All, Near The Knuckle and One Flew Over
8/11/07  London - The Jamm (Brixton)
           with Lost Cherrees, Liberty, Active Slaughter, Bug Central and Sex Pistols Experience
9/11/07  Ulverston - Sports and Social Club (Matty Steel Memorial gig)
           with Drowning Trout, Uk Assassins, Stuntface, Bag of Spanners and Runt Hornet
10/11/07 Lancaster - Gregson Centre Jessi solo Carnival of Culture benefit
           with Cash for our Stories and Brian Maiden's fantastic subjective pub quiz
11/11/07 Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with 3CR, Exploits of the Dead, UK77 and Ambush UK
17/11/07 Burton-on-Trent - The Appleby
           with Paul Carter, FTWL, Rotten Agenda and Within Breach
24/11/07 Birmingham (Kings Heath) Hare and Hounds 
           St Pauli Benefit with Goldblade, People's Republic of Mercia, Take the Fifth and Dick Guru
6/12/07  Cromford - The Boat
           with Chris Butler
7/12/07  Bedford Esquires - Danny's Bar
           with The Tendons
8/12/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Hotwired and D'Corner Bois
4/12/07  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Inner Terrestrials and Dun 2 Def
15/12/07 Wrexham - Gresford Colliery Club
22/12/07 Birmingham - The Church Inn
           VPSG Benefit with  District 13, Dirty Revolution, Rotten Agenda and DJs
24/12/07 Kettering - Sawyers
           with T-Mart and the Raiders



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