2008 HISTORY    


11/1/08  Spalding - Hole in the Wall
           with Verax
19/1/08  Birmingham - Old Royal Jessi solo
           with Redman Greenman, Sally Lavender, Marcia Calame, Adrian Johnson and Kirsty & Ken
25/1/08  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Bleeding Hearts and Chris Butler
27/1/08  Northampton - Decades
           Anti-Fascist Holocaust Memorial Day gig with Rotten Agenda and Vote
1/2/08   Telford - Haygate
           with DNR
2/2/08   London (Deptford) - The Deptford Arms
           with Rabies Babies and The Small Mercies
9/2/08   Nottingham - The Maze
           Anti-Fascist benefit gig with  Liberty,Head-Jam, Constant State of Terror, Kismet HC and Officer Down.
17/2/08  Chesterfield - The Grouse
           with Feeb
22/2/08  Leicester - Firebug
           with Neck and M.J.Hibbert & the Validators
23/2/08  Plymouth Firkin Doghouse
           Punks Picnic fundraiser with Politicide, Denada and JC & the Droogs
24/2/08  Bristol - The Junction (Scratchfest)
           with Demob, Two Sick Monkeys, The Commies, Killed by Hollywood, Diablo 13 and U.S.I.
8/3/08   Derby - Mist (daytime) Jessi solo
           with Chris Butler, The Re-entrants and Ben Walker
8/3/08   Belper - Queens Head (evening)
           with Chris Butler and The Re-entrants
13/3/08  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. Jessi solo
           Faslane Punx Picnic benefit with J Terrestrial and Daz & Anka (Mama Matrix)
14/3/08  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Inner Terrestrials, D'Corner Bois and Fishnet Parachute.
15/3/08  Burton-on-Trent - The Appleby
           with Pink Hearse and Fishnet Parachute.
17/3/08  Belfast - The Pavilion Bar Jessi solo
           with The Boom Jackson, War Iron, Beef Central and Lando.
21/3/08  Leeds - Fenton Hotel
           with Hombrew and The Fiend
22/3/08  Doncaster - Leopard
           With Demob, Drongos for Europe, Guns on the Roof, Outl4w, Lowlife UK, Citizen Keyne, Cock 55, The Hyenas and Jez.
23/3/08  London (Canning Town) - Bridge House
           with Demob, Dirty Love, Drongos for Europe, Dun2Def, Dragster, Dangers Close and Diddle Finger Salute
29/3/08  Stalybridge - Stamford Arms Jessi solo
           with Paul Carter and Tina Lee.
5/4/08   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           Vegan Prisoners Support Benefit with Liberty, Kilnaboy, Active Slaughter, BurnSubvertDestroy, Jesus Bruiser, Rotten Agenda, Ram-Man, Balsall Heathens and Barrel of Baddies
11/4/08  London (Lewisham) Dirty South
           with K.A.D.T. and C.O.T.C.
12/4/08  Leuven (Belgium) - Vaartkom Squat
           with Drongos for Europe and Koncept.
13/4/08  Dordrecht (Holland) - Anarres
           with Powerslib.
16/4/08  Kettering - Sawyers Jessi solo
           with Pog and Wob.
19/4/08  Leicester - The Shed.
           with Love And A 45, Sinister 66, Neon Sarcastic, The Chargers, TV Smith, Chris Odd and First Wave.
26/4/08  Ulverston Sports and Social Club. Jessi solo
           with Runt Hornet, 4Jerry, 4Past Midnight, 29 Well 'Ard Dogs and Scratchplate Demon.
1/5/08   Birmingham - The Old Wharf.
           with Active Slaughter and The Alcohol-Licks.
2/5/08   Leeds - The Fenton
           with Active Slaughter and Spiteful Way.
3/5/08   Faslane - Peace Camp festival (afternoon)
3/5/08   Edinburgh - Bannermans (evening)
           with Buzzbomb and Rid Rotten
4/5/08   Glasgow - Attic Jessi solo
           Remember Chernobyl Benefit with Red Alert, Acid Tongue, Black Tartan Clan, The Zips, Sad Society, The Lobotomies, Happy Spastics, Billy Liar, Crossfire and The Murder Burgers.
10/5/08  Sheffield - The Redhouse
           with Catch it Kebabs, Duo-Sonic and Dr Robeatnik.
18/5/08  Manchester - Star and Garter Jessi solo
           with Demob, The Medicine Bow, Born to Destruct, One Man Stand and the Dangerous Aces
23/5/08  Kettering - Sawyers
           with UK Subs, Dun2Def and Mispelt 2.0.
24/5/08  Birmingham - Adam and Eve
           with Alcohol-Licks and the Balsall Heathens
31/5/08  London (Canning Town) - Bridge House
           with Cute Lepers, London and the Bleach Boys.
7/6/08   Fleckney - Rose Farm
           with Goldblade, First Wave and Straighten Out.
14/6/08  Motherwell - Bullfrog
           with Buzz-Bomb, Prairie Dugz and Steven Cooper.
28/6/08  Duffield - King's Head
           with Steven Cooper & the Charlies and The Re-Entrants.
5/7/08   Coombes Church Farm - Glastonwick Beer Festival
           with Blyth Power, PPZ-30, Meow Meows, Contingent, Luke Wright, Crispin Thomas, Wob, Steve Drewitt, Babar Luck and Pog.
11/7/08  Kettering - Sawyers
           with The Garden Gang, TV Smith and the Usual Suspects.
12/7/08  Nettleton Bottom - The Golden Heart Inn.
           with The Garden Gang and Hacksaw.
13/7/08  Bristol - Junction
           with The Garden Gang and Hacksaw.
16/7/08  London - New Cross Inn
           with The Garden Gang and Johnny Deptford
19/7/08  Birmingham - Old Wharf
           with The Garden Gang, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, D'Corner Bois and Indecent Assault.
24/7/08  Cambridge - Man on The Moon
           with Grown at Home, Anonymous Tip, Visual Offence and Anti-Social Dropouts.
25/7/08  Kippertronix Festival
           with Three Minute Warning, Fight The Bear, The Pain, Paul Carter, Paranoid, Bitch Slappers and others.
16/8/08  Marehey Lumb Farm. The Blyth Power Ashes
           with Blyth Power, New York Scumhaters, The Charlies, Dizzy Carousel, Asbo-Derek, Amateur Ninja Club, The Alcohol-Licks, Rachel Pantechnecon, Cracktown, Verbal Warning and The Re-entrants
31/8/08  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses Jessi solo
           Punks Picnic with Dread Messiah, Bride Just Died, Dun 2 Def and KC Luke.
5/9/08   Leeds - The Fenton
           with Inner Terrestrials, JJ Pearson(Toxic Reasons) and Lowlife UK.
6/9/08   Plymouth - White Rabbit - Punks Picnic
           with Dirty Love, Contraband, Denada, Downtown Riots, and Jesus Bruiser
7/9/08   London (Deptford) - The Birds Nest
           with Headjam, The Griswalds, The Morons and others
10/9/08  Kettering - Sawyers Jessi solo
           with Barbar Luck and Chris Butler
15/9/08  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Subhumans and Random Hand
20/9/08  High Wycombe - The Oakroom
           with Loose Covers
26/9/08  Rugby - The Bull
           with Painsville
27/9/08  Acocks Green - Inn on the Green 
4/10/08  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Inner Terrestrials, 2 Sick Monkeys, ICH, Active Slaughter, Paul Carter, Washed Up, Hotwired, Ed Ache and Leanne & the Cockheads
24/10/08 Westcliffe on Sea (Southend) - Bar Lambs
           with Optic Nerves
25/10/08 Norwich - Edward 7th
           with The Disrupters, Condition:Dead, Big Black Cadilllac and the A.C.s.
26/10/08 Bristol - The Junction
           with 2 Sick Monkeys, the Living Daylights and No World Borders.
31/10/08 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           with The Heels, When Bears Attack and Bo-Pilar & the Mountain Valley Boys
1/11/08  Doncaster - Leopard
           with Drongos for Europe, Demob, Riot Squad, Dipsomaniacs, Guns on the Roof, Outl4w, 4 Past Midnight, X-Rippers, Lowlife UK, Cock 55, The Hyenas, Citizen Keyne and Bank Holiday Jez.
6/11/08  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses (Jessi solo)
           with Suicidal Girls and District 13
7/11/08  Cambridge - Man on the Moon
           with Vanilla Pod and Sam Russo.
8/11/08  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Contempt, Addictive Philosophy and Obnoxious UK
14/11/08 Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with  Tracey Curtis and DJs Gez & The Whip (Acme bass company).
15/11/08 Burton on Trent - The Appleby
           with Alcohol-Licks, Fat Bob in a Dress and Smuttycum
5/12/08  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           with  I.C.H., Edict of Intolerance and The Hijacks.
6/12/08  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Drongos For Europe, ICH and Paul Carter
12/12/08 Harrogate - Manhattan Club
20/12/08 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           Vegan Prisoner Support Group Benefit with Contempt, Ram-Man, Balsall Heathens, Intention, War/System and I'm a Mess.
27/12/08 Burton on Trent - The Appleby
           with Sex Pistols Experience, Flat Back Four, Cedric's Belly and Blow Up Doll.



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