2009 HISTORY    


10/1/09  Gloucester - Black Cat Bar
           with Kill Van Helsing and Bleeding Hearts
16/1/09  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Dead Class, Steady Boys and Liam O'Kane
30/1/09  Kettering - Sawyers
           with The Bleeding Hearts and Rebel City Radio
31/1/09  London (Stockwell) - The Grosvenor
           with Shag Nasty, Headmongerers and A War Against Sound
14/2/09  Leamington Spa - Jam Jam Club
           with Faintest Idea and Dub Jam Force
20/2/09  London (Deptford) - Victoria
           Faslane Punks Picnic benefit with Left for Dead, Condition:Dead and Rag Bags
21/2/09  Kettering - Sawyers
           with the Disrupters, Ram-Man, Indecent Assault, Active Slaughter, Condition:Dead, 3 Chord Badger, First Wave and UK77
25/2/09  Kettering - Sawyers Jessi solo
           with Dik Guru and Bank Holiday Jez.
27/2/09  Torquay - Ryan's Bar
           with A War Against Sound and Denada.
28/2/09  Plymouth - Voodoo Lounge.
           with The Bus Station Loonies, Denada, HIV and the Positives and A War Against Sound.
12/3/09  Kettering - Sawyers.
           with Contempt and The Alcohol-Licks.
13/3/09  Stoke on Trent - The Norfolk Inn.
           with Dun 2 Def.
14/3/09  Loughborough - The Packhorse.
           with Bomb Dogs and the Nags.
20/3/09  Harrogate - The Little Wonder
21/3/09  Sheffield - Ski Village White Rock Bar
           with the Fish Brothers, Blyth Power, Attila the Stockbroker and Wob.
4/4/09   Leuven (Belguim) - Chaos Bar
           with Stalker and ridiculous afterparty.
7/4/09   Munich (Germany) - Feierwerk
           with The Garden Gang and Mister Kanister.
8/4/09   St. Gallen (Switzerland) - Rumpeltum.
           with The Garden Gang
9/4/09   Schaffhausen (Switzerland) - Fasskeller.
           with the Garden Gang
10/4/09  Schopfheim (Germany) - Cafe Irrlicht.
           with the Garden Gang
11/4/09  Konstanz (Germany) - Contrast.
           with the Garden Gang
12/4/09  Augsburg (Germany) - Mahagoni Bar. Katakomben: "RAW CAN ROLL"
           with Garden Gang, Generation N and C C Dynamite.
23/4/09  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Kunt and the Gang and Little Hero
24/4/09  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses Jessi solo
           with Alcohol-Licks, Whiskey Bastards, Nate Pilgrim and 10 O'Clock Horses
1/5/09   Bath - St James Wine Vaults.
           with Trust Nothing and DSA.
2/5/09   Huntingdon - Hinchingbrooke House
3/5/09   London (Canning Town) - Bridge House.
           with Bovver Boys, Small Town Riot, The Detectors, Gimp Fist, All Flags Burn, Born to Destruct and Rom Rats.
9/5/09   Lancaster - Gregson Jessi solo
10/5/09  Halifax - Square Chapel.
           with Kings of the Delmar, Lowlife UK, Bleeding Hearts, Tracey Curtis, James Bar Bowen, Cayn White, The Electric Brains, State of Error and cabaret.
16/5/09  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Veggie pride after party with Balsall Heathens and Chris Butler.
21/5/09  London (Deptford) - Birds Nest.
           with Section 13 and Kicked in the Teeth.
23/5/09  Burton on Trent - The Appleby
           with Rejected, Jesus Bruiser, War/System, District 13, Obnoxious UK, Sins of the Father and Infestation Ward.
29/5/09  Bristol - The Junction 
           with Garden Gang and Hacksaw.
30/5/09  Southend (Westcliffe on Sea) - BarLambs.
           with TV Smith, Garden Gang and Optic Nerves.
31/5/09  Spalding - Hole in the Wall. (afternoon)
           with Garden Gang, Black Marias and others.
31/5/09  Peterborough - The Park. (evening)
           with UK Subs, Black Marias, Punky Rebel Media and the Garden Gang.
2/6/09   Kettering - Sawyers (acoustic show).
           with J Terrestrial and Garden Gang (acoustic).
3/6/09   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Garden Gang and Alcohol-Licks.
4/6/09   Brighton - The Albert.
           with Anal Beard and the Garden Gang.
5/6/09   London (Islington) - Hope and Anchor.
           with The Go Set, Anal Beard, Monkish and Chester.
10/6/09  London - 12 Bar.
           with Garden Gang, Armed Response Unit and Retcher.
11/6/09  Derby - Victoria Inn.
           with Paul Carter, Garden Gang and Chris Butler.
12/6/09  Kettering - Sawyers.
           with UK Subs and Garden Gang.
13/6/09  London (Canning Town) - Bridge House 2.
           with The Restarts, Insane Society and Ten o Sevens.
26/6/09  Lancaster - Yorkshire House Jessi solo
           with Dirty Revolution and the Guilty Pleasures.
28/6/09  Northampton - Racehorse
           Punks picnic with Operatives, Pressure Tones, Hotwired, Harlot, Pretty Dead Girls and Jim Tomsay.
3/7/09   Nuneaton  - The Crown Inn
           with Sad Sally and Helplines.
4/7/09   Fleckney - Rose Farm
           with Goldblade, Eureka Machines and Charlie Chuck
11/7/09  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Drongos for Europe and District 13.
12/7/09  Bedford - Esquires (Danny's Bar).
           with Near the Knuckle, The Tendons, The Pressure Tones, Wolflaw, The Delinquents and The Debt Colectors.
15/7/09  Derby - Old Bell Hotel Jessi solo
           with Ed Ache, Billy Liar, Tragical History Tour and Chris Butler.
17/7/09  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           Vegan Prisoners Support Group Benefit with Alcohol Licks, Intention and Balsall Heathens.
18/7/09  Burton on Trent - The Appleby Jessi solo
           with One Man Down, Rotten Agenda and Hoofbite.
24/7/09  Kippertronix Festival
           with Rebelation, Catch-it Kebabs, Fight the Bear, Jimmy the Squirrel, The Pain, Paul Carter and Detached
5/8/09   Birmingham - Scruffy Murphys Jessi solo
           with Intention, Ratbones and Wiseblood.
6/8/09   Blackpool - Winter Gardens 'Almost Acoustic Stage' - Rebellion Festival Jessi solo
6/8/09   Blackpool - Winter Gardens 'The Arena' - Rebellion Festival
22/8/09  Aylesbury - White Swan
           'Face down on the Cobbles' all-dayer with Menace, UK Vomit, Near the Knuckle, Citizen Keyne, Union X, Hated 'til Proven, Blame Jack and others
27/8/09  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Anal Beard and Wob
29/8/09  Marehay Lumb Farm - 'Blyth Power Ashes'
           with Blyth Power, Wob, Cracktown, Anal Beard, Paul Carter, Rachel Pantechnicon and others
30/8/09  London (Brixton) - Crown and Anchor
           Fuk Reading with Headjam, War Coma, Defcon Zero, Autonomads and others
1/9/09   Northampton - Racehorse
           with The Subhumans and No Truth
5/9/09   Plymouth - White Rabbit
           Punx Picnic with The Restarts, The Eyelids, Drongos for Europe, Section 13 and Distortion UK
20/9/09  Glasgow - Halt Bar Jessi solo
           with Roscoe Vacant, Dave Hughes and Dave Burns
26/9/09  Birmingham - City Tavern
           with Redman Greenman, Eastfield (acoustic) and Marcus Zodiac
27/9/09  Ashton under Lyne - The Station Jessi solo 
           with Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies, Paul Carter, Cosmic Fingers and Tina Lee
2/10/09  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           with Hacksaw, Dead Subverts and Two Sick Monkeys
3/10/09  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Inner Terrestrials, Dirty Love, ICH, Dead Subverts, Hacksaw, Two Sick Monkeys and Rebel City Radio
16/10/09 Lancaster - Park Hotel.
           with A Touch of Hysteria, Excuses and Total Bloody Chaos.
17/10/09 Barrow in Furness - Healey's Bar.
           with A Touch of Hysteria, Excuses, Skuff and Total Bloody Chaos.
18/10/09 Kendal - Rugby Club.
           with A Touch of Hysteria and Excuses.
20/10/09 Manchester - Retro Bar Jessi solo
           with The Hyperjax, Kismet HC, Buff, Dangerous Aces and Rev Porl
24/10/09 London - 12 Bar
           with The Disrupters, Prem Nick, Monica & the Explosion, Condition Dead and Nova
6/11/09  Bradford - 1 in 12 Club
           'Raise your Banners' fringe festival with Homebrew and The Kirkz
7/11/09  Derby - Victoria Inn
           with Contempt, Ram-Man, Jesus Bruiser and the Alcohol-Licks
28/11/09 Leamington Spa - Spayce
           with Smoke Like a Fish and 24/7
4/12/09  Telford - Haygate
           with The Pain, Deterant and DJ Dave Paranoia
5/12/09  Kettering - Sawyers 
           with Contempt, Kings of the Delmar and Thracia
19/12/09 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses Jessi solo
           VPSG Benefit with Dragster, Intention and I'm a Mess
24/12/09 Kettering - Sawyers
           with the Plum Puddings and Dun 2 Def
31/12/09 London (Stockwell) - The Grosvenor
           Reknaw NYE party with This System Kills, Condtion:DEAD, Mush and Nuke On Route



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