2010 HISTORY    


24/1/10  Birmingham - Swinging Sporran
           Apocalypse Now Festival with Fight Back, Wolfbeast the Destroyer, The Fiend, Dun2Def, Rotunda, Strontium Dogs,
           Indecent Assault, Short Bus Window Lickers, Hotwired, Born to Destruct, Flat Back Four, Black Bombers and I'm a Mess
5/2/10   Cannock - Fern and Fallow. (Jessi solo)
           Obnoxious UK, Jessi Eastfield and Athena
6/2/10   Faversham - Swan and Harlequin
12/2/10  Birmingham - Scruffy Murphy's
           with Contempt and Dik Guru
18/2/10  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Steve Lake
19/2/10  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Steve Lake and A Touch of Hysteria
20/2/10  Leeds = The Common Place
           with Steve Lake and A Touch of Hysteria
21/2/10  Manchester - Star and Garter
           with Zounds, Hello Bastards, Autonomads, China Shop Bull, Andy T, Afternoon Gentlemen, Pressure Drop and A Touch of Hysteria
25/2/10  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           with Steve Lake
26/2/10  Derby - Victoria Inn
           Steve Lake, Addictive Philosophy and Cads, Bounders & Scoundrels
27/2/10  London - 12 Bar
           London, Zounds, Condition Dead and Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys
28/2/10  Brighton  - Prince Albert
           Steve Lake, Pog and Rachel Pantechnicon
12/3/10  Kettering - Sawyers
           with Drongos for Europe and The Restarts
1/4/10   Gent - De Barbaar.
3/4/10   Munich - IG Feuerwache.
           with the Garden Gang and Der General.
4/4/10   Augsburg - Kulturpark West, Krad-Halle
           with Generation N and the Garden Gang.
5/4/10   Neuburg an der Donau - Tanzcafe Hertlein
           with the Garden Gang.
7/4/10   Berlin - Wild at Heart.
           with the Garden Gang.
8/4/10   Chemnitz - Subway to Peter.
           with the Garden Gang.
10/4/10  Kortrijk - Reflex.
           with Zounds.
24/4/10  London (Camden) - Dublin Castle
           with The Dirty Cuts, Anal Beard, Double Denim and  Andy Harwood
25/4/10  Shoreham - Duke of Wellington
           with Anal Beard, The Lovely Brothers, Gob Dylan, Pog, Lomans, Chris Clavin and more Pog
8/5/10   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           'Viva las Vegans' VPSG Benefit with Spanner, Rejected, Criminal X and State of Emergency
15/5/10  Kendal - Dickie Doodles
           with A Touch of Hysteria, Andy T and Potential Victims.
16/5/10  Leeds - The Packhorse
           Punks Picnic with Zounds, Lowlife UK, Addictive Philosophy, Diswasher, War/System, Life Destruction, Afternoon Gentlemen and Sick-fuckin-o
21/5/10  London - The Gaff
           North London Punks Picnic with Constant State of terror, The Entinguishers, Oiz to Men and Condition Dead
27/5/10  Kettering - Sawyers. (Jessi solo)
           with Arturo Lurkers Punktry & Western Bonanza and Ed Ache.
28/5/10  Westcliff-on-Sea - Bar Lambs.
           with Arturo Lurkers Punktry & Western Bonanza and Hollywood Doll.
29/5/10  London - 12 Bar.
           with Arturo Lurkers Punktry & Western Bonanza, The Eyelids, Max Splodge and the Steller Thieves.
30/5/10  Burton on Trent - The Appleby. Punks Picnic.
           with Grim Dylan, Captain Hotknives, Dirtbox Disco, Hoofbite and My Pet Handgrenade.
5/6/10   Glastonwick Festival - Church Farm, Coombes.
           with Inner Terrestrials, Milk Kan, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, Tracey Curtis, Luke Wright, Meow Meows, Rory Ellis, Gecko, Steve Gribbin, Michael Horovitz and Pog
11/6/10  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Zounds, A Touch of Hysteria and Andy T.
12/6/10  Kettering - Sawyers.
           with Zounds, A Touch of Hysteria and Andy T
25/6/10  Edinburgh - Henry's Cellar Bar
           with The Negatives, Dogsflesh, Overspill, Critikill, Conflagration, Afterbirth & Buzzbomb.
26/6/10  Motherwell The Bullfrog.
           with Dogsflesh, Fire Exit & The Negatives.
3/7/10   Farmer Mick's Party
           with Goldblade, The Pistols and Dragster.
10/7/10  London (Canning Town) - Bridge House 2
           with Left for Dead, Wasted Life, 2 Sick Monkeys and The Jack Brews
30/7/10  Kippertronix Festival
           with Beer Beer Orchestra, Catch it Kebabs, Les Scalopes, Agressors BC, The Pain, Cartoon Violence, Paranoid,
Bitch Slappers and Steven Cooper & the Charlies. Saturday: Too Hot, Splitters, Newtown Kings , Cracked Actors,
Smoke Like a Fish, Fight the Bear, Jimmy the Squirrel, Robb Blake, 24/7, Rasta 4 Eyes, King Tuts Revenge,
Captain Black No Stars and the Headstarts.
14/8/10 Skeyton - The Goat Inn. Blyth Power Ashes with Blyth Power, Anal Beard, Lovely Brothers, Tres y el Ingles, Alcohol-Licks, Gob Dylan and others. 4/9/10 Plymouth - The White Rabbit Punks Picnic with Goldblade, The Extinguishers, Menace, Primeval Soup and Hacksaw. 10/9/10 Kettering - Sawyers with Mr Hat, Delirious and Burn City Burn. 16/9/10 Peterborough - Cellar Bar with Punky Rebel Media. 17/9/10 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses with Spat and Sam Lick. 18/9/10 Harrogate - Little Wonder 2/10/10 Kettering - Sawyers with Contempt, Rebel City Radio, War/System, Dirtbox Disco, Vincent and the One Potts, Ed Ache and Waste of Organs 29/10/10 Lancaster - Yorkshire House (Nick & Blanche's Party) with Dirty Revolution, Tracey Curtis and Andy T. 30/10/10 Felling (Gateshead) - Duke of Cumberland with Garden Gang and Hi Fi Spitfires. 31/10/10 Ashton-Under-Lyne - The Station with Garden Gang, Senseless, 3CR, Bank Holiday Jez and The Thirtinas. 1/11/10 Romford - The Horn with the Garden Gang. 2/11/10 Birmingham - Old Wharf with the Garden Gang and Gorgeous. 3/11/10 London - 12 bar. with Garden Gang and Dirtbox Disco. 4/11/10 Shoreham-on-Sea - Duke of Wellington. with Garden Gang and Pog. 5/11/10 Bristol - The Plough. with the Garden Gang. 13/11/10 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. with Generation N, Hacksaw and Punky Rebel Media. 19/11/10 Kettering - Sawyers. with ICH and Thracia 20/11/10 Cambridge - Corner House. with Overload and Oiz to Men 25/11/10 Birminghame - Wagon and Horses. (Jessi solo) with Sam Licks, Coyote, Jack Magnificatz and Marcus Zodiac 69 4/12/10 Ambleside - Lake Road Wine Bar (Jessi solo) with Indian Postal Service and a bunch of marvellous nutters 11/12/10 Wellingborough - The Horseshoe Inn. with Drongos For Europe, Cracked Actors and The Mispelt 15/12/10 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. (Jessi solo) with Henry Cluney and Samuendo Lick 18/12/10 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. with Dirtbox Disco and Pabellon 314.



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