2011 HISTORY    


21/1/11  London - The Gaff.
           Another Winter of Discontent with Citizen Fish, Condition Dead, A-Heads and Nuke on Route.
22/1/11  Shoreham on Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with Wob.
25/2/11  Birmingham - Adam and Eve
           with Acid Drop, Ram-Man and Scarred Society.
26/2/11  Bradford - 1 in 12 Club.
           with Geoffrey Oi-Cott, Acid Drop, Trauma Unit and Lost Soul
10/3/11  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Scene of Irony.
11/3/11  Leeds - The George.
           with Scene of Irony and Geoffrey Oi-cott.
12/3/11  Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Dirtbox Disco, A Touch of Hysteria, Andy T and Scene of Irony.
19/3/11  Bristol - The Plough
           Benefit for 'Retreat Animal Rescue' with Ratface and Wormwood
20/3/11  Lancaster - Yorkshire House. (Jessi solo)
           with TV Smith and the Valentines
8/4/11   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. 15th Anniversary gig.
           with Blyth Power, Alcohol-Licks and Ram-Man.
9/4/11   Gloucester - Guildhall.
           with Cockney Rejects, Drongos for Europe, Guitar Gangsters, Foreign Legion, News Agents, Who Shot Who?, Chinese Burn and Criminal Mind.
22/4/11  Ghent - De Barbaar.
           with League of Mentalmen, Prophecy of Crows and Terrordefence.
23/4/11  Leuven - Plan Z squat.
           with the Usual Suspects, Spanner and Cop on Fire.
24/4/11  Augsburg - Krad Halle.
           with the Garden Gang, Generation N and Dope & Tight.
25/4/11  Munich - Domagk Ateliers Haus 49.
           with Ramonas and Der General.
26/4/11  Munich - DGB Haus.
27/4/11  Munich - Domagk Ateliers Haus 49.
28/4/11  Schaffhausen - Restaurant Schäferei.
29/4/11  Boussay (France) - Salle Omnisport.
           with Beer Beer Orchestra, Limon Come Back and La Jambe de Frida.
30/4/11  Verchers sur Layon - (France) Le Stade.
           with Six Feet Down, New Asshole, Brain Shake and R.A.S.
12/5/11  Northampton - Labour Club.
           with Black Volvo, Wormwood and Peter Purves and the Piss Infections.
14/5/11  Hebden Bridge - Trades Club.
           with Zounds, The Astronauts and Andy T.
27/5/11  Wolverhampton - Giffard Arms.
           Mini Punks Picnic with Obnoxious UK, The Defecits and Scarred Society
28/5/11  Carlisle - Victoria Club.
           Cumbria Hunt Sabs Benefit with The Lurkers, Autonomads, Andy T, The Exiles, Bad Transmission and the Muff Wigs.
10/6/11  Burton - Appleby.
           with Dirtbox Disco, Flatback Four, The Kirkz and Senseless.
11/6/11  Bristol - Castro's.
           with Chicken's Call and Spanner
16/6/11  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Two Sick Monkeys and Wormwood.
17/6/11  Derby - Redemption.
           with UK Subs and Dirtbox Disco.
18/6/11  Corby - Lodge Park Sports Centre.
           with UK Subs, Dirtbox Disco and Rebel City Radio
24/6/11  Brighton - Hectors House.
           Schnews Benefit with The Fish Brothers, Anal Beard and Richie Bliss.
25/6/11  Northampton - The Racehorse.
           Punks Picnic with Sick On The Bus, Constant State of Terror, Dun2Def, Rotten Agenda, Thracia, Mispelt, The Attrocity Exhibit and Crows.
2/7/11   Fleckney - Rose Farm.
           Farmer Mick's Party with Goldblade, The Flats, Vincent & The Onepotts and Scaramanga Six
9/7/11   Norwich - The King Edward VII
           with Contempt and Hotwired.
16/7/11  Birmingham - Elaine's House. (Jessi and Elaine duet).
           with Captain Hotknives.
21/7/11  Leiden - Brothers of Beer. (NL).
           with Black Volvo.
22/7/11  Gronigen - Crow Bar. (NL).
           with Bullet Ridden.
23/7/11  Cologne. Club Aether. (DE)
           with Non-Stop Stereo.
24/7/11  Giessen - AK44. (DE)
           with S.M.D.
25/7/11  Osnabruck - SubstAnZ. (DE)
           with Tuna.
26/7/11  Rochlitz - Alte Schmiede. (DE)
28/7/11  Leipzip - Liwi. (DE)
           with The Atrocity Exhibit and Victims of Class War.
29/7/11  Berlin - The Köpi. (DE)
           with The Dismembers.
30/7/11  Hamburg - Lobusch. (DE)
           with and Radiator 365.
31/7/11  Liege - Carlo Levi. (BE)
           with A Fit of Rage.
4/8/11   Blackpool - Winter Gardens. Rebellion Festival. Almost Acoustic stage. (Jessi solo)
7/8/11   Blackpool - Winter Gardens. Rebellion Festival. Olympia 2 stage.
27/8/11  Farcet Fen - The Plough. Blyth Power Ashes.
           with Blyth Power, Cracktown, The Lovely Brothers, Scumbag Philosopher, Verbal Warning and others.
2/9/11   Birmingham - Adam & Eve.
           Punks Picnic with Trashcat, Poundaflesh, Death Job, The Vile and Terror Groove.
10/9/11  Plymouth Voodoo Lounge.
           Punx Picnic with The Fluesniffers, Anal Beard, The Blowouts, FTO, S Punk 3, Pineapple and the Quiefs.
29/9/11  Walsall - The Watering Trough
           Hi's and Lows benefit gig with Alcohol-Licks, Obnoxious UK and Neil Morris.
30/9/11  Loughborough - Packhorse.
           with Ephemeral Foetus, Bombdog, Hulot and Robin Resistant.
22/10/11 York - Fibbers
           with Goldblade and Shotgun Effect
28/10/11 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with The Garden Gang and Wormwood.
29/10/11 Kendal - The Fleece Inn.<
           Turdfest with Les Turds, Excuses, Andy T and The Sesh.
30/10/11 Manchester - Base Bar.
           with The Garden Gang, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Black Star Dub Collective, The Kirkz and Dangerous Aces.
02/11/11 Croydon - Scream Lounge
           The Garden Gang, Eastfield, Gallows Humour & East Town Pirates
03/11/11 Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with the Garden Gang
04/11/11 London - 12 Bar.
           with TV Smith & Leigh Hegarty, The Garden Gang, The Space Wasters and Emergency Bitter.
05/11/11 Shoreham - Duke of Wellington.
           with The Garden Gang, Wob and Steven Cooper & the Charlies.
11/11/11 Ambleside - Cricket Club.
           Anarchy in the A' side with Andy T and Indian Postal Service.
12/11/11 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Autonomads, Robb Johnson and Black Star Dub Collective.
25/11/11 Belfast - Warzone Centre.
           with Runnin Riot, Blast Proof Sunglasses, Excuses, Andy T and No Matter.
26/11/11 Dublin - Gypsy Rose.
           with The Disrupters, Excuses and Andy T.
27/11/11 Sligo - Adelaide Bar.
           with Andy T, Stan Stanning and Excuses.
2/12/11  Wellingborough - Horseshoe
           with Drongos for Europe and Dirtbox Disco.
9/12/11  Ipswich - PJ McGintys.
           with TV Smith & the Valentines, Noxious Toys, The Upper Cuts and Rory & Ned.
10/12/11 Derby - Old Bell.
           with Zounds, The Astronauts, Andy T, After the Last Sky, Addictive Philosophy, Ephemoral Foetus, Luddite Bastards and Chris Butler.
11/12/11 Birmingham - Wagon & Horses (afternoon).
           with Zounds, Andy T and The Astronauts.
11/12/11 London - New Cross Inn (evening).
           with TV Smith & the Valentines, The Spivs, Bucha Effect and Terminal Decline.
17/12/11 Northampton - The Cock
18/12/11 Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with Dirty Revolution, Jeramiah Ferrari and Eating Disorder



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