2012 HISTORY    


19/1/12  Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Peter & the Test Tube Babies, The Dead Puppeteers and Cosmic Fingers.
25/2/12  Huddersfield - The Lockwood.
3/3/12   London (Tufnell Park) - Boston Arms. Another Winter of Discontent.
           with Inner Terrestrials, Anti-Sect, Condition Dead, Riiva, Liberty, 16 Guns, The Astronauts and Andy T
8/3/12   Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Wormwood and Mispelt 2.0.
9/3/12   Leeds - The Well.
           with Scene of Irony and The Guttersluts.
10/3/12  Liverpool - Basement 20.
           with Scene of Irony and Old Radio.
11/3/12  Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Scene of Irony and Andy T.
14/3/12  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses
           with Scene of Irony
15/3/12  Derby - Old Bell
           with Scene of Irony, Addictive Philosophy and Lauren Thomas
16/3/12  Shoreham by Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with Scene of Irony 
17/3/12  London - 12 Bar
           Sick on the Bus, Scene of Irony, Emergency Bitter and Oiz To Men
24/3/12  Chasetown - The Cottage of Content.
           with Obnoxious UK and Cretin 77
21/4/12  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Coventry Hunt Sabs Benefit with Scarred Society, Long Lost Frank, Punkwreck and William Shatsphere.
4/5/12   Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           Red and Black Collective Reclaim May Day with Miss P, Sanity Clause and Jezebeleza.
5/5/12   Edinburgh - Bannermans.
           Remember Chernobyl with Jock Sparra, R.P.G. and Critikill.
11/5/12  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           Bonzi's birthday with Cracked Actors and Dun 2 Def.
16/5/12  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Black Volvo.
17/5/12  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Beer Beer Orchestra and Black Volvo.
19/5/12  London - Bridgehouse 2.
           with Contempt and Violation 69.
3/6/12   Glastonwick Festival.
           with Fish Brothers, Robb Johnson & The Irregulars, Wob, Charred Hearts, The Amber Herd, John Otway, Captain Hotknives, Johnny Fluffypunk, Verbal Warning and Ready Meal & Scratchcard.
4/6/12   Shoreham by Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with The Garden Gang, Captain Hotknives, Wob and Pog.
8/6/12   Nottingham - Sumac Centre.
           Punks Picnic with Garden Gang, Riff Bastard and Nu Pogodi.
9/6/12   London - 12 Bar.
           with TV Smith, Garden Gang, The Bleach Boys and the Love Me Tenders.
9/6/12   London (Camberwell) - Carnells.
           Squatterlympics Punk Rock All Nighter with Headjam, Jakal, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Rash Decision and others.
10/6/12  Bedford - The Bear.
13/6/12  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with The Nerks and PamP.
16/6/12  Sheffield - Shakespeares.
           with Attila the Stockbroker.
17/6/12  Bristol - The Fleece.
           Punks Picnic with Inner Terrestrials, Surfin' Turnips, Spanner, POA, The Surgeons, Black Star Dub Collective and This Ends Here.
23/6/12  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Blyth Power and The Alcohol-Licks. 
14/7/12  London - New Cross Inn.
           with The Enemy, The Uppercuts and Code Blue.
21/7/12  Northampton - The Racehorse.
           with Subculture, Born to Destruct, Rainford and Boot Brigade.
27/7/12  F.R.I.E.N.D. Fezi. (East Peckham).
           with Zegema Beach, Swindle and Nolan Abbott.
28/7/12  SAB FEST (Guilsborough Hill, Northanmptonshire)
           with Primeval Soup.
3/8/12   Blackpool - Rebellion Festival, Winter Gardens Arena Stage
18/8/12  Gosport - Gosport & Fareham Rugby Club
           Punk Festival with Dragster, Wilf?, On Trial UK, Asylum Seekers, Desolator, Death Head, Lock n Load and New Age Outcomes.
25/8/12  Farcet Fen - The Plough Inn. Blyth Power Ashes
           with Lying Scotsman, Refuse/All, Verbal Warning, Tres Y El Ingles, Unicorn Power, Ham Legion, The Charlies, Anal Beard and Blyth Power.
1/9/12   Fleckney - Rose Farm. Farmer Mick's Party/Bladefest
           with Goldblade, TV Smith, Rebel City Radio and B Movie Britz
7/9/12   Plymouth - Porters.
           Punks Picnic with Bus Station Loonies, Potential Victims, Husbands & Knives, Secrets & Lies and God Laughs.
20/9/12  Leiden (NL) - CAB03.
           with Black Volvo, Unbreakable and Andy T.
21/9/12  Gronigen (NL) - Crowbar.
           with  Andy T and Cleaver.
22/9/12  Amsterdam (NL) - AMD Tidl Festival.
           with Spanner, Andy T and others.
23/9/12  Berlin (DE) - Cortina Bob.
           with Andy T and The  Boring.
26/9/12  Osnabruck (DE) - SubstanZ.
           with Mordare and Andy T.
27/9/12  Mulheim (DE) - AZ.
           with Flaupunkt and Andy T.
28/9/12  Essen (DE) - Panic Room.
           with Andy T.
29/9/12  Cologne (DE) - Aether.
           with Sunpower, Andy T and Waterpistol Suicide.
6/10/12  Corby - Lodge Park Sports Centre.
           with TV Smith, Steven Cooper and Mental Ward
1/11/12  Northampton - Racehorse.
           with Les Vilains Clowns and Mispelt 2.0.
2/11/12  Derby - The Hairy Dog.
           with Les Vilains Clowns and Chris Butler.
3/11/12  Walsall - Wharf Bar.
           Hi's and Low's benefit with the Alcohol-Licks, Obnoxious UK, the Screaming Abdabs, Les Vilains Clowns, Balsall Heatens and the Realistics.
17/11/12 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Dirtbox Disco and The Kirkz.
23/11/12 Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Zounds, Lost Soul and The Pressure Tones. 
24/11/12 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Zounds. 
25/11/12 Leicester - The Criterion.
           with Zounds and Huffy.
7/12/12  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Drongos for Europe and Dirtbox Disco.
21/12/12 Telford - The Haygate.
           with Dirtbox Disco and the Screaming Abdabs.
22/12/12 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with the Alcohol-Licks and the Orphans.



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