2013 HISTORY    


25/1/13  Cardiff - Moon Club.
           Levitation 'Free for all' Festival with Spanner, Ak'bal and The Dusty Music Makers.
26/1/13  Swansea - The Garage.
           with Spanner, The Groundnuts & Independents, The Doctors and A Sudden Vengeance Waits. 
16/2/13  Corby - Lodge Park Sports Centre.
           with Dirtbox Disco, Obnoxious UK, Mental Ward and Poshfuc.
22/2/13  Leighton Buzzard - The Wheatsheaf
23/2/13  Cromford - The Boat Inn.
           with Addictive Philosophy and Chris Butler
1/3/13   Chasetown - Cottage of Contempt.
           with Obnoxious UK.
2/3/13   Bradford - 1 in 12 Club.
           with 4 Past Midnight, Battery Humans, Lowlife UK, Flat Back Four, Lost Soul, The Senton Bombs, The Vox Dolomites and others.
3/3/13   London - Boston Arms.
           Another Winter of Discontent with Anti-Pasti, Subhumans, Disorder, Lost Cherees, Dirtbox Disco and Slut Machine.
7/3/13   Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Scene of Irony and Poshfuc.
8/3/13   Liverpool - Drop the Dumbells.
           with Scene of Irony, Unrest and Long Finger Bandits.
9/3/13   Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Scene of Irony, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Andy T.
10/3/13  Ashton-under-Lyne - The Station.
           with Scene of Irony, The Reverends, Addictive Philosophy, 3CR and Thirtinas.
14/3/13  Birmingham - Wagon & Horses.
           with Scene of Irony.
15/3/13  Shoreham by Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with Scene of Irony
19/4/13  Corby - Rugby Club.
           with B-Movie Britz, Cretin 77 and Mr Hat.
20/4/13  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Lost Cherrees and B-Movie Britz.
27/4/13  Gateshead - Black Bull.
           with Kickback Generation.
28/4/13  Manchester - Star and Garter.
           with Dirtbox Disco, Obnoxious UK, Vincent & the One-Potts and Born to Destruct.
11/5/13  Northampton - Victoria Inn (early eve).
           Dunk's birthday party with Snake Man 3, Born to Destruct, Mispelt and Limehouse Rats
11/5/13  Birmingham - Wagon & Horses (later).
           West Midlands Hunt Sabs benefit with Contempt, Let's Go Nowhere, Feralus and Damsel.
7/6/13   Swindon - Riffs Bar.
           Strummerville event with The Useless Eaters and Strength in Blunders.
8/6/13   London - Pipeline.
           with Subhumans and Sick on the Bus.
10/6/13  Birmingham - Wagon & Horses.
           with Subhumans and Brassick.
29/6/13  Stoke on Trent - The Green Star.
           Stoke Punk and Ska fest with English Dogs, Contempt, Dirtbox Disco, Cartoon Violence, Geoffrey Oicott, Flat Back Four and others.
6/7/13   Mansfield - Intake Club.
           with Wonk Unit, Verbal Warning, Adulescents UK, Bank Holiday Jez and Dwayne Reads.
13/7/13  Kippertronix - Festival.
           with Goldmaster All Stars, Smoke Like A Fish, Dirtbox Disco, The Splitters, Cartoon Violence,
           Cracked Actors, Mighty Vipers, Fall From King, Aggressors BC, Social Ignition, King Tuts Revenge,
           Rude Em Outs, Kirky & The Turkeys And The Mighty Boing.
20/7/13  Corby - Zombie Hut. (acoustic set)
           with Cretin 77, Mental Ward, B-Movie Britz, First Wave, Posh Fuc and Mr Hat.
9/8/13   Blackpool - Rebellion Festival (Arena stage)
16/8/13  Shoreham by Sea - Duke of Wellington
           with The Hillmans.
17/8/13  Gosport Punk Festival - Gosport & Fareham Rugby Club
           with UK Subs, Night Of Treason, The Good Time Charlies, On Trial UK, The Sexy Pistols, AMI and  DJ Vinnie Void. 
23/8/13  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Captive Animals Protection Society benefit with Alcohol-Licks, Capital Sun and Bleeding Hearts (duo)
31/8/13  Fleckney - Rose Farm.
           'Bladefest' with Goldblade, Dirtbox Disco, The Roughneck Riot, Biteback and The Crows   
1/9/13   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. Brum Punx Picnic
           with Hard Skin, Apocalypse Babies, Headstone Horrors, Geoffrey Oicott, Crashed Out, No More Numbers, The Rutherfords, Fear Insight and Thirteen Shots.   
12/9/13  Birmingham - City Tavern.
           with Black Volvo and Waste of Organs.
13/9/13  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Black Volvo and Steven Cooper & the Charlies.
14/9/13  Derby - Hairy Dog.
           with The Reverends, 2 Sick Monkeys, Fear Insight and Ephemeral Foetus.
20/9/13  London - TChances. North London Puncx Picnic.
           with Active Minds, Liberty, Gasoline Thrill and A.I.D.S.
21/9/13  Plymouth - Porters.
           Punks Picnic with Addictive Philosophy, Honey, Arizona Law and Guns Under the Table.
24/9/13  Peterborough - Met lounge.
           with The Destructors, The Astronauts, Pennyless and The Akas.
29/9/13  Leighton Buzzard - Pages Park.
           Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway gala with Hazard.
4/10/13  Chasetown - Cottage of Content.
           His and Lows Benefit with Obnoxious UK, Alcohol-Licks and Screaming Abdabs.
5/10/13  Corby - Zombie Hut.
           with Peter & the Test Tube Babies, B-Movie Britz and Cretin 77.
18/10/13 Cambridge - The Boathouse.
           with Subculture, Freedom Faction and Woodstock 1983.
19/10/13 Leighton Buzzard - Wheatsheaf.
8/11/13  Cheltenham - Frog and Fiddle.
           with The Useless Eaters.
9/11/13  Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with The Karma Party, Chris Butler and Stanley One Shoe
22/11/13 Gateshead - Black Bull.
           with the Working Class Warriors.
23/11/13 Birmingham - Adam & Eve.
           with Hagar the Womb, Virus and Alcohol-Licks.
30/11/13 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with AOS3, The Sporadics and Malarky.
6/12/13  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Subhumans and Mispelt 2.0.



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