2014 HISTORY    


17/1/14  Milton Keynes - MK11.
           with R.S.I, Ricky Menzies & the Storytellers and Pete Odd.
18/1/14  Corby - Zombie Hut.
           with Goldblade, Super Fast Girlie Show and Cretin 77. 
24/1/14  Plymouth - Fortescue
           with The Wifebeaters, Denada 3 and Alex Smith
25/1/14  Bath - Belvoir Castle
           with Dirtbox Disco, Hater UK and Hacksaw
21/2/14  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Contempt and R.S.I.
22/2/14  Birmingham (Acocks Green) - Route 44.
           with Cracked Actors, Eastfield and Alcohol-Licks
28/2/14  Derby - Hairy Dog.
           with Addictive Philosophy, Cretin 77 and Chris Butler.
1/3/14   London (Tufnell Park) - Boston Arms.
           Another Winter of Discontent with P.A.I.N., The Restarts, Culture Shock, Dirtbox Disco, Paranoid Visions and Demob.
15/3/14  London - 12 Bar.
           with The Dirty Ugly Punk Monkeys, Cretin 77, Emergency Bitter, The Sub-Mutants and We Come First.
21/3/14  Leicester - The Shed
           with Die Wrecked, Noise Abuse and Gunishment.
22/3/14  Brighton - Green Door Store.
           with Anthrax, Hagar the Womb and Part 1.
4/4/14   Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Addictive Philosophy, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and Stanley One Shoe.
5/4/14   Barrow-in-Furness - Old Cons Club.
           with Downpipe and Addictive Philosophy.
2/5/14   London - 12 Bar
           with Rage DC, Bucha Effect, The Mispelt and Die Wrecked
3/5/14   Shoreham By Sea - Duke of Wellington
17/5/14  Birmingham (Acocks Green) - Route 44
           with Generation N and Alcohol-Licks
7/6/14   Rotherham - The Bridge Inn
           with Septic Psychos, Trioxin Cherry, Cryo-Genics, Irrational Act, Chewed Up and Bad Blood
28/6/14  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Badger Army Direct Action benefit with The Pukes, Flat Stanley, Angry Itch and Complete Dysfunction.
5/7/14   OFF THE RAILS - Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary
           with Cracked Actors, Alcohol-Licks, Mispelt, Steven Cooper & the Charlies, The Deportees, Chris Butler, Jammie Sammy, Ed Ache, Cretin 77, Lost Cherrees, Useless Eaters, Denada and Wormwood. 
25/7/14  Llanfyllin - The Workhouse, KIPPERTRONIX FESTIVAL.
           with Smoke Like A Fish, Aggressors BC, Skalinskis, Fight The Bear, Mighty Vipers, Bitch Slappers, Popes Of Chillitown, Alex Davies, Deadly Light Shade and  Reckless Breakfast.
9/8/14   Blackpool - Winter Gardens - REBELLION FESTIVAL.  The Pavillion stage.
16/8/14  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Smoke Like A Fish, Alcohol-Licks, captain Hotknives, Ed Ache and Lost Soul.
30/8/14  Fleckney - Rose Farm.
           BLADEFEST with Goldblade, Eureka Machines, The Roughneck Riot, Super Fast Girlie Show, Hazard, Mental Ward and Static Kill.
6/9/14   Plymouth - Porters.
           Punx Picnic with Dead Pilots, These Creeps, Honey and Denada 3
19/9/14  Gateshead - Black Bull.
           with The Band for Disease Control & Prevention and Reid E. Ramone.
20/9/14  Doncaster - RMT Education Centre.
           RMT Festival of Trade Union Education and Organising.
3/10/14  Northampton - Labour Club.
           Northampton Hunt Sabs and Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary benefit with The Operatives and B-Movie Britz.
4/10/14  Bradford - 1 in 12.
           All dayer with TV Smith, Abrasive Wheels, The Negatives, Eastfield, 2 Sick Monkeys, Paul Carter, In Evil Hour, Headsticks and others.
10/10/14 Leighton Buzzard - The Wheatsheaf.
           with Knock Off
11/10/14 Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies and Rebelation Trio.
31/10/14 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Alcohol Licks, Bolshy and Black Volvo.
1/11/14  Coventry - St Mary's Guildhall.
28/11/14 Sheffield - Riverside
           Hunt Saboteurs benefit with Brainfreeze and others
29/11/14 Liverpool - Sound Food and Drink
           with The Vermin Suicides and The Wasters
5/12/14  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Citizen Fish, Zounds and Don't Look Down.
19/12/14 London - 12 Bar.
           with Viva Las Vegas, Goldblade, TV Smith, Anabollic Steroids and Sarah Pink.
20/12/14 Birmingham - The Institute.
           Brum Punx Xmas Bash with GBH and Drongos for Europe.



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