2015 HISTORY    


24/1/15  Lancaster - House Party. (Jessi solo).
           with Tracey Curtis and the Lab Rats.
6/2/15   Bedford - Esquires Danny's Bar.
           with The Breakdowns, Spring Park and UK Vomit.
7/2/15   Birmingham - Wagon & Horses. (2 sets)
           West Midlands Hunt Saboteurs benefit with Alcohol-Licks, Ming City Rockers, Flat Stanley, Balsall Heathens, Smut Rakhra and DJs.
20/2/15  Northampton - Labour Club.
           Northants Hunt Sabs benefit with the Atrocity Exhibit and the Anti-Poet.
21/2/15  Birmingham - Roadhouse.
           with Lizzie & the Banshees and Rotunda.
27/2/15  London - Boston Arms Music Rooms.
           Another Winter of Discontent with The Varukers, Citizen Fish, Potential Threat and Bug Central.
28/2/15  London - Boston Arms Music Rooms. Jessi solo.
           Another Winter of Discontent with Millions of Dead Cops, Subhumans, Anti-System, Reverends, Hagar The Womb, Roughneck Riot, Jakal and Noise Complaint.
13/3/15  Milton Keynes (Wolverton) - Crauford Arms
           with Dun 2 Def and UK Vomit.
28/3/15  Brighton - Green Door Store.
           'Get on with it' with Zounds, Anthrax, Hagar the Womb, Lost Cherrees, Interrobang, Ratbag, The Skraelings, Anal Beard and Gira Dement.
3/4/15   Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Wonk Unit and Ed Ache.
4/4/15   Ambleside - Brathay Hall.
           Chapati in the Park.
5/4/15   Lancaster - Yorkshire House. Jessi solo.
           with Bolshy, Bad Transmission and Paper Wings.
10/4/15  Sheffield - Riverside.
           with Unknown Era, Ubuntu, Lunar Maria and Parasol.
11/4/15  Liverpool - Maguires.
           with Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies and Old Radio.
2/5/15   Corby - White Hart. Jessi solo.
           with Joe Hackett, Neil and First Wave Acoustic
8/5/15   Kidderminster - Boars Head.
           with Brassick and Crashmats.
9/5/15   Rugby - The Vault.
           with The Ramonas, A.M.I. and Don't Look Down.
14/5/15  Leeds - Wharf Chambers Co-operative Club. Jessi solo.
           Hunt Saboteurs benefit with Roughneck Riot, Boycott the Baptist, Scorned and Paper Wings.
16/5/15  Lancaster - Yorkshire House. Jessi solo.
           Domestic Abuse Victims Support Group gig with Lost Cherrees and Lab Rats.
23/5/15  Strummercamp
           TNS Stage.
24/5/15  Bearded Theory Festival.
           Woodland Stage.
26/5/15  Birmingham - Actress and Bishop. Jessi solo.
           with the Garden Gang and the Dead Flowers.
30/5/15  Glastonwick Beer Festival.
           with The Men They Couldn't Hang, The Piranhas, Robb Johnson & The Irregulars, Attila the Stockbroker, Peter & The Test Tube Babies, The Hurriers, David Rovics, Charred Hearts, Janine Booth and Verbal Warning.
13/6/15  Larling - The Angel (acoustic trio).
           with Tarantism, Killamanjumbo and Inner Terrestrials.
19/6/15  Gateshead - Black Bull.
           with Reid E. Ramone.
20/6/15  Kettering - Three Cocks. (2 sets)
26/6/15  Off the Rails.
           with Mispelt, B Movie Britz and Ed Ache.
27/6/15  Off the Rails.
           with Cretin 77, Alcohol Licks, First Wave, Don't Look Down, Rebellation Duo, Steve Pottinger, Lost Soul, See Yellow and Jammie Sammy.
11/7/15  Lancaster - House Party. (Jessi solo).
           with Tracey Curtis and Sasha Jeramarie.
17/7/15  Leighton Buzzard - Wheatsheaf..
           with Big Evil Grin.
18/7/15  East Peckham - F.R.I.E.N.D Festival..
           with Malarkey, Primo Nelson, The Dirty Fairies, Rites Of Hadda, Smut Rakhra, Samuendo Lick and others.
24/7/15  The Workhouse - Llanfyllin - KIPPERTRONIX Festival..
           with Mr Wallace, Smoke Like a Fish, Bitch Slappers, Turky anda Turkeys, King Tuts Revenge and others.
25/7/15  Fleckney - Rose Farm. Mayhem at Mick's..
           with The Vibrators, Drongos for Europe, Cretin 77, March to the Grave and Static Kill.
2/8/15   Birmingham - Old Moseley Arms (Jessi solo).
           with Prodigal Scum and Rob.
6/8/15   Rebellion Festival - Almost Acoustic Stage. (Jessi solo)
14/8/15  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses (Jessi solo).
           with Flowers in the Dustbin and Perkie.
15/8/15  Northampton - Umbrella Fair.
           with Tarantism, Folk the System and others.
29/8/15  Penzance - 3 CHORDS Festival.
           with Vice Squad, The Lurkers, TV Smith, Control, Noise Agents, Wonk Unit, Bus Station Loonies, Trioxin Cherry, Hazard and others.
5/9/15   Plymouth - Voodoo Lounge.
           Punx Picnic with Arizona Law, Hell Death Fury, Steve Wurzel & the Cider Swillers, Denada 3, Secrets & Lies and the Fluids.
6/9/15   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Punx Picnic with Drongos for Europe, Intention, Trigger McPoopshoot, Balsall Heathens, Leech Bleeders, Rotunda, Healer of Bastards and others.
12/9/15  Derby - Hairy Dog.
           AWOD North - with The Men They Couldn't Hang, Lion'sLaw, Deadline, Neck, The Reverends, RT Zed, Skurvi,Wolf Bites Boy, Rage DC, 16 Guns and Kill Pretty.
9/10/15  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Hunt Saboteurs benefit with Johnny Kowalski, John Curtin and Smut.
10/10/15 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Chewed Up and Trioxin Cherry.
24/10/15 Kidderminster - Boars Head.
           with Alcohol-Licks
6/11/15  Sutton in Ashfield - New Cross Hotel.
           Mansfield Punk Festival with XSLF, March to the Grave, Statik Kill, Criminal X and Verbal Warning.
7/11/15  Corby - White Hart.
           with B-Movie Britz and First Wave.
14/11/15 Lancaster - Yorkshire House. (Jessi solo)
           with John Player Specials, Wadeye, Arcane Winter, Joe Yorke and The Lab Rats.
20/11/15 Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Born to Destruct.
21/11/15 Leeds - The Packhorse.
           with Geoffrey OiCott and Hospital Food.
4/12/15  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Culture Shock, Captain Hotknives and The Mispelt.
29/12/15 Manchester - Star and Garter.
           with Kismet HC, Vitriolic Response, Paul Carter & Wadeye.



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