2016 HISTORY    


12/2/16  Leighton buzzard - Wheatsheaf
           with UK Vomit
13/2/16  Shoreham-by-Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with Dr Bongo
26/2/16  Gloucester - Lower George Inn.
           with Borrowed Time.
27/2/16  London - Boston Arms.
           Another Winter of Discontent with Conflict, Zounds, Radical Dance Faction, Goober Patrol, Interrobang, Lost Cherrees, Paranoid Visions, Rubella Ballet, Cravats, Steve Ignorant's Slice Of Life, Anthrax, Liberty, Astronauts and Pog.
2/3/16   Birmingham - Centrala. Jessi solo
           with David Rovics.
4/3/16   Penzance - Studio Bar.
           with Die Spangle, Ranger Smith and Tomorrow's Generation.
5/3/16   Plymouth - Fortesque Cellar Bar.
           with Secrets and Lies and See Yellow.
25/3/16  Wellingborough - Horseshoe.
           with Lost Cherrees and Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies.
26/3/16  London - Hope & Anchor.
           with Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies.
27/3/16  Brighton - Green Door Store.
           Get on With It 2 with Paranoid Visions & Steve Ignorant, The Sporadics, The Astronauts, The Commited, Pog, Profane and Nu Dilator.
8/4/16   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses. 
           with Contempt and The Lengthmen.
9/4/16   Lancaster - D2.
           with Born to Destruct and Skurvi.
21/4/16  Bristol - Stag and Hounds.  Jessi solo.
           with Bus Station Loonies, Jessi Eastfield, Hater UK and Steve Wurzel & The Scrumpy Swillers.
29/4/16  Sheffield - The Cremorne.
           Contempt, Brainfreeze and Trioxin Cherry.
30/4/16  Manchester (Moston) - Miners Community Centre. 0161 Festival.
1/5/16   Manchester (Moston) - Miners Community Centre. 0161 Festival. (Jessi solo) 
6/5/16   Cirencester - The Vaults.
           with The Useless Eaters.
7/5/16   Nottingham - Sumac.
           Alerta Anti-fascist benefit with 210 and Sod's Law.
13/5/16  Gateshead - Back Bull.
           with Geoffrey OiCott, Pitbull and Reid E Ramone.
14/5/16  Liverpool - Drop the Dumbells.
           The Dead Good All Dayer with John Player Specials, The Dead Class, Old Radio, Nosebleed, Coproach, Ed Ache, Elmo & the Styx, Stuck in a Rut and others.
21/5/16  Corby - White Hart. (Jessi solo)
           with Stu McLean and Neil McMillan.
4/6/16   London (Finsbury Park) - Silver Bullet.  (Jessi solo)
           Streets Kitchen benefit with Slow Faction, The Inglorious TCs and Proud City Fathers.
5/6/16   Shoreham-by-Sea - Duke of Wellington. (Jessi solo)
           Post Glastonwick party with Bus Station Loonies,  Pog and Asbo Derek.
17/6/16  Kettering - Three Cocks.
18/6/16  Derby - Cathedral Green. Silk Mill Turn Out Festival of the People.
           with Attila the Stockbroker, Loscoe State Opera, Dead Time Philharmonic and Notts Clarion Choir.
24/6/16  Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Lost Cherrees and The Mispelt.
25/6/16  Northampton - Labour Club.
           Hunt Saboteurs Benefit with Lost Cherrees, The Mispelt and Spring Park.
16/7/16  Fleckney - Rose Farm.
           'Mayhem at Micks' with XSLF, Mick O`Toole, Army Of Skanks, Static Kill and The Reverends.
23/7/16  Lancing - Coombes Farm.
           with Asbo Derek.
29/7/16  Kippertronix Festival - The Workhouse, Llanfyllin.
           with Bluekilla, Smoke Like A Fish, Bulgarian Yogurt, Mighty Vipers and others.
7/8/16   Rebellion Festival - Blackpool Winter Gardens. Arena Stage.
9/9/16   Cirencester - The Vaults.
           with The Useless Eaters and Borrowed Time.
10/9/16  Kidderminster - Boars Head.
           with Contempt, The Obnoxious UK, Sister Sandwich, The Domestics, The Victims and The Youth Within.
16/9/16  London (Camden) - Unicorn.
           with The Duel, London Sewage Company and Metropolis.
17/9/016 Shoreham-by-Sea - Duke of Wellington.
7/10/16  Plymouth - Underground.
           with Two Sick Monkeys, Die Spangle, F.Emasculata and Denada.
8/10/16  Penzance - Studio Bar.
           with Die Spangle and Denada.
21/10/16 Bishops Cleeve - Tithe Barn.
           with Borrowed Time and Delroy Rockets.
22/10/16 Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Lost Cherrees, Andy T and In Errant.
10/11/16 Derby - Hairy Dog.
           with Les Vilains Clowns, Wreck-Age and Chris Butler.
11/11/16 Ipswich - The Steamboat
           with Les Vilains Clowns and Smart Alex.
12/11/16 Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with Les Vilains Clowns and The Lengthmen.
18/11/16 Corby - White Hart.
           with Johnny & the Mental Breakdowns and The Robbing Sons of Jonah.
19/11/16 Nottingham - Maze.
           Farstock with Funke & the Two Tone Baby, Dirty Vertebrae, Headsticks, The Outlines, Sons of Clogger and others.
2/12/16  Wellingborough - The Horseshoe.
           with Drongos for Europe, Dun 2 Def and the Mispelt.
3/12/16  Weymouth - The Dolphin Inn.
           with Anthrax and Wob.
7/12/16  Birmingham - Centrala. (Jessi solo).
           with Tim Holehouse and Vincent Sledgers.
16/12/16 Leighton Buzzard - Wheatsheaf.
           with The Mispelt.
17/12/16 Portsmouth - The Birdcage (The Festing).
           with Missile, 5 Go Mad and Murderers Row.



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