2018 HISTORY    


5/1/18   Gloucester - Cafe Rene.
           with Chinese Burn.
6/1/18   Kingston-upon-Thames - Fighting Cocks.
           with Emergency Bitter, Freedom Faction and London Sewage Company.
13/1/18  Birmingham - Centrala.
           with The Alcohol-Licks and Swaktang.
25/1/18  Plymouth - Nowhere Inn.
           with See Yellow, The Waterboarders and White Noise.
26/1/18  Penzance - Studio Bar.
           with Die Spangle, Ill, Drug Victim and Vision Quest.
27/1/18  Southampton - Shooting Star.
           with Murderers Row and Geezapunk.
9/2/18   Shoreham-by-Sea - Duke of Wellington.
           with Wob.
10/2/18  Canterbury - The Mill.
           Davee Wild Memorial gig with Belinda Carbuncle, Stu Gush, The Centurian Sect, The Werecats, Overload, Shark Party, Pardon Us, Surgery Without Research and PCF.
6/2/18   Midsomer Norton - White Hart.
           with The Useless Eaters.
17/2/18  Basingstoke - Irish Centre.
           with Ill Gotten Gains, Five Go Mad, Murderers Row and Alex.
17/3/18  Warsop - The Black Market Venue.
           Alternative St Patricks Day with XSLF, xFD, Criminal Mind,  Worm, the Outlines and Spitting Feathers.
24/3/18  Nottingham - Angel Microbrewery.
           with Coil Guns, Healer of Bastards, Zoic, Truth Equals Treason and When the Wolf Comes Home.
30/3/18  Leighton Buzzard - The Wheatsheaf.
           with Knock Off.
31/3/18  Wellingborough - The Horseshoe.
           with Interrobang and Wreckage.
1/4/18   Blackpool - Waterloo Music Bar.
           with The Vibrators, The Kingcrows, Face Up and others.
6/4/18   Penzance - Studio Bar.
           with Die Spangle and See Yellow.
7/4/18   Plymouth - The Underground.
           with Dissonant, Po-Lice and Swine.
8/4/18   Birmingham - Centrala.
           with Interrobang and The Alcohol-Licks.
12/4/18  Lancaster - Yorkshire House.
           with Dischord and In Errant.
13/4/18  Leeds - Brudenell Social Club.
           with 999 and Splodgenessabounds.
14/4/18  Gateshead - Black Bull.
           with Prolefeed and the Reid E Ramone Quartet.
18/5/18  Hamburg - Hafenklang
           with Hamburg Ramones
16/6/18  Raunds - Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. OFF THE RAILS.
           with Wreckage, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies, Wormwood, Minor Discomfort Band, Murderers Row, Hacksaw, See Yellow, Lost Cherrees, Casual Nausea, The Mispelt, Alcohol Licks, Jammie Sammie Will Gosling and Mark Brennan.
22/6/18  Kettering - Three Cocks. (2 sets)
23/6/18  Derby - Cathedral Green. Silk Mill Festival (daytime).
           with Attila the Stockbroker, a Banghra band and Addictive Philosophy.
23/6/18  Derby - Hairy Dog (evening).
           Fundraiser for Hope Centre Food Bank with Addictive Philosophy, Sods Law, Fear Insight, Truth Equals Treason and Chris Butler.
21/7/18  Fleckney - Rose Farm 'Mayhem at Micks'.
           with Wonk Unit, The Blue Carpet Band, The Witchdoktors, Mick O'Toole, and Army Of Skanks.
22/7/18  Milton Keynes - MK11.
           Summer Of Punk with Spunk Volcano & The Eruptions, Jonny & The Mental Breakdowns, Born To Destruct, Crash Induction, Wreckage and Lagerboy.
27/7/18  Llanfyllin - The Workhouse Kippertronix Festival..
           With Catch it Kebabs, Chalk Outlines, Cracked Actors, Smoke Like a Fish, Cartoon Violence, Wreckless Breakfast, 24/7, Leftovers. Packet Racket and The Uptown.
11/8/18  Telford (Wellington) - The Wrekin Inn.
           Regeneration Festival with Wreckless Breakfast, Headgames, Leftovers, Screamin Abdabz, Freedom Faction, Suckerpunch, Meatbeaters and The Bitten.
23/8/18  Milton Keynes - The Craufurd Arms
           with 2 Sick Monkeys and The Last Barons
24/8/18  Chasetown - Cottage of Content.
           with Swaktang and Devils.
25/8/18  Northampton - The Bear.
           Benefit for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary with B-Movie Britz, Headstone Horrors,  Jonny and the Mental Breakdowns, Overload, Sprainer and Wreck-age.



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