2019 HISTORY    


15/2/19  Stourbridge - Katie Fitzgeralds.
           with Jess Silk.
16/2/19  Ilford - Fencepiece. (afternoon)
           Full band acoustic set.
16/2/19  London (Camden) - Fiddlers Elbow. (evening)
           with System of Hate, The London Sewage Company and The Good For Nothings.
3/3/19   Leeds - Abbey House Museum Steampunk Market (Jessi solo)
8/3/19   Kettering - Three Cocks.
9/3/19   Norwich - Blueberry Music House.
           with Hotwired and North City Lager System.
22/3/19  Edinburgh - Bannermans.
           Punk for Pam with Control Crashed Out, Panic Attack and Buzzbomb.
23/3/19  Gateshead - Black Bull.
24/3/19  Leicester - Duffy's Bar.
           with Try Subversion and The Cars that ate Paris.
5/4/19   Plymouth - Nowhere Inn.
           with Denada 3 and Lack of Discipline.
6/4/19   Penzance - Studio Bar.
           with Die Spangle and Denada 3.
19/4/19  Sheffield - Harlequin.
20/4/19  Nottingham - Maze.
           with Headsticks, Interrobang and Steve Ignorant's Slice of Life.
26/4/9   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           with The Sporadics, Pax and Ten Bags.
27/4/19  Brighton - Prince Albert.
           with Emergency Bitter and Doctor Gonzo.
28/4/19  London - The Dome.  Undercover Festival.
           with GBH, Ed Banger and the Nosebleeds, Diablo Furs, Healthy Junkies, The Feckin Eejits, Religion Equals Decay, The Anoraks, Crash Induction and Wyrd Sisters.
10/5/19  Blackpool - Waterloo Music Bar.
           with Boredom and Kill Spector.
11/5/19  Chasetown - Cottage Of Content.
           with Swaktang and Meatbeaters UK.
1/6/19   Coombes Farm - Glastonwick Festival
           with Dakka Skanks, Gaz Brookfield, The Kut, Too Many Crooks, Efa Supertramp, Fish Brothers, Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores, Rebel Control and Cherry & Peesh
15/6/19  Off The Rails - Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, Raunds.
           with Almighty Uprisers, Active Slaughter, The Mispelt, Headstone Horrors, Denada 3, Ed Ache, Jammie Sammie and Catkin.
6/7/19   Fleckney - Rose Farm. Mayhem at Mick's.
           with Dirtbox Disco, The Witchdoktors, Broken 3 Ways, Cretin 77, Vermin Suicides and Try Subversion.
12/7/19  Lancaster - Yorkshire House
           with No Agenda and Chris Butler.
13/7/19  Slaithwaite - Greystones Farm
           Hands Off HRI benefit party with Pat Fulgoni, Cabinet Of Millionaires, Coolhands Steve Augarde, Angry Nana and DJ Captain G.
19/7/19  Leighton Buzzard - The Wheatsheaf.
           with Knock Off.
20/7/19  London (Dalston) - The Victoria.
           with Jelly, Proud City Fathers and Mad.Inc
27/7/19  London (Tufnell Park) - The Dome. Wonk Fest.
           with Wonk Unit, Maid Of Ace, Guns and Wankers, Hard Skin, Goober Patrol, Aerial Salad, Laserchrist, Frankie Stubbs, Get Dead, The Barracks, Project Mork, The Murderburgers, Pizza Tramp, Burnout, The Dopamines, Peter and the Test Tube Babies, African Vegetables, Youth Killed It, The Dub Righters, Beverley Kills, 2 Peas from a Pod.
4/8/19   Blackpool - Winter Gardens. Rebellion Festival. Pavilion stage.
17/8/19  Nantmawr - Clacton Café. (full band acoustic sets)
           with Chris Butler.
6/9/19   Kettering - Three Cocks.
7/9/19   London (Highbury) - The Gunners. 
           with Sick on the Bus and Rage DC.
8/9/19   Birmingham - Wagon and Horses.
           Punks Picnic with Wonk Unit, Blue Carpet Band, Hummer, Angry Itch, Laughing In The Face Of, Social Experiment, Drunken Marksman and Complete Dysfunction.
28/9/19  Something Else in the Dunny - Spring Farm, Duns Tew.
           with The Newcranes, Inner Terrestrials, The Sporadics, Skewwiff and others.
8/11/19  Midsomer Norton - White Hart.
           with Any Minute No and Kev Fowler.
9/11/19  Leicester - Duffy's Bar.
           with Try Subversion and Billy Razor.
17/11/19 Morecambe - Alhambra.
           Morecambe Punk Festival with Crisis, Hung Like Hanratty, Los Fastidios, Anti-System, Cress, Anti-Pasti, Blue Carpet Band, Menace, 1919, Terminal Rage and others.



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