2022 HISTORY    


29/1/22  Nottingham - Sumac Centre (Jessi solo).
           Punk for the Homeless with Robin Welsh, Taffy Twp, Brewers Daughter, The Youth Within, Jess Silk, Activistas, Sods Law and Chain Of Dissent.
2/3/22   Bristol - The Crofters Rights. (Jessi solo).
           Bristol Refugee Rights benefit with Boom Boom Raccoon, Pog and Wob.
24/3/22  Loughborough - Cask Bah. (Jessi solo)
           with The Cars That Ate Paris.
2/4/22   Corby - The Shire Horse.
           with Subhumans and Julie's Dead.
3/4/22   Nottingham = Brady's Micro Bar. (Jessi solo).
           with Paul Carbuncle & Tibbie, Sue Larue, Becky Silcock and and Huson-Whyte.
9/4/22   Ipswich - The Steamboat
           with Casual Nausea, Pizzatramp, Haest, Red Flag 77, Nosebleed, Knife Club, This Is Not A Drill, Dinosaur Skull and others.
30/4/22  North Walsham - The Black Swan.
           SadFest with The Tokyo Rankers, Road Kill Drive Thru, Disowned, Stage Frite, Hand Like A Foot, North City Lager System, Hotwired, Dangers Close, and The Rawbots.
19/5/22  Nottingham - Sumac Centre. Jessi solo.
           Poetry for Hope with Eagle Spits, Tony Stowers, Kevin Turner, Andrew Bart Hawkins, Rachel Eagling, DIY Poets, Alice Lunn and Dave Fairey.
21/5/22  Birmingham - Centrala.
           Swaktang's 30 Anniversary Show with Swaktang and The Swiggers.
22/5/22  Nottingham - Foremans Bar.
           with Static Kill.
2/6/22   Guildford - Suburbs.
           Undercover Not The Jubilee Party with No Lip, The Pistols, Big Boy Tomato, Wipes, Psirens, Girls Like Us, GYB, Wyrd Sisters, Shell The Alternative Folkie and Joe Bitter.
3/6/22   Glastonwick Festival.
           with Blyth Power, Fish Brothers, Muddy Summers & the Dirty Field Whores, Philip Jeays, Charred Hearts, Wob and Gecko. 
3/7/22   Loughborough - The Wheeltapper. (Jessi solo)
           with The Cars That Ate Paris and Colin.
8/7/22   Nuneaton - The Crew.
           Chaos at the Crew with 999, Skimmer, Shackleford, Funbug and Grail Guard.
15/7/22  Fleckney - Rose Farm.
           Mayhem at Micks with The Blue Carpet Band, The Kingcrows, Hot Rockets, Voodoo Radio, Slackrr, The Glory and Any Minute No.
7/8/22   Nottingham - Brady's Microbar. (Jessi solo).
           Sherwood Sessions with Paul Carbuncle & Tibby Star, Andy Vee and Eagle Spits & Rachel.
3/9/22   Northampton - The Lab.
           with Culture Shock, Tri-Subversion and Julie's Dead.
10/9/22  Gwatkin Cider Company - FERAL FEST.
           with Culture Shock, Spanner, China Shop Bull, The Primevals, Dogshite, Rites of Hadda and Meatsweats.
17/9/22  Guildford - Suburbs.
           Undercover Festival 10th Anniversary Party with Chelsea, Menace, Charred Hearts, Rage DC, Red Anger, Papashangos, Wyrd Sisters, Joe Bitter and The Fanzines.
21/10/22 Bedford - The Bear.
22/10/22 Wolverhampton - Purity Bar.
           with Packet Racket, Army of Skanks, Tri-Subversion and Red Bstrds.
12/11/22 Nottingham - Old Cold Store.
           with RDF and The Blunders.
2/12/22  Loughborough - The Cask Bah. (Jessi solo)
           with The Cars That Ate Paris.
10/12/22 Derby - Maypole Inn.
           with Zounds, Fatal Dose and Addictive Philosophy.
11/12/22 Leeds - Wharf Chambers.
           with Zounds and Indignation Meeting.




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