2023 HISTORY    


17/2/23  London - New Cross Inn.
           with Citizen Fish, Babar Luck`s East End Trinity and Swaraj Chronos.
18/2/23  Margate - Olbys Soul Cafe.
           We Shall Overcome with Citizen Fish and Steve White & the Protest Family.
25/2/23  Nottingham - Sumac Centre. (Jessi solo).
           Punk for the Homeless with Dropping Like Flies, Gevšl, Benefit State, Rich Gulag, The Cars That Ate Paris and Under the Cosh.
10/3/23  Guildford - Suburbs.
           with RDF.
18/3/23  Nottingham - Old Cold Store.
           with Bar Stool Preachers, Static Kill and Steam Kittens.
6/5/23   Southam - Stockton Football and Cricket Club.
           with 2 Sick Monkeys.
7/5/23   Manchester - St Kentigerns Irish Social Club. 0161 FESTIVAL. (Jessi solo)
           Acoustic Stage with Andy Carrington, Eagle Spits & Rachel, Isaac Hughes Dennis, Luddite Collective, Junkyard Orphan, Bard Company, James Bar Bowen, Uptown Portrayer and Peter Cakebread.
12/5/23  Hilcote Country Club - GOING FERAL FOR MENTAL HEALTH.
           with One Eyed God, Rude Six, Last Tree Squad and Feather Teeth.
13/5/23  Northampton - The Lab.
           Fabulous Thirty with Born to Destruct, The Mispelt, Julie's Dead, Crash Induction and Xander.
14/5/23  Nuneaton - The Crew. (Jessi solo)
           with Ruts DC.
2/6/23   Bolsover - Under the Castle Festival.
           with Headsticks, Goldwater, Rigid Digits, Verbal Warning and Arcade.
10/6/23  Nottingham - Old Cold Store. Acoustic show.
           with Snuff and Static Kill.
1/7/23   Llandrindod Wells - Bwlch Farm.  Orrible Crow Show presents Working Class-tonbury.
           with RDF, Fatal Dose, Poisoned Electric Head,  Dead Silence Syndicate, Godam, Poorly Trained Radicals, Dogshite, NFA, Skraelings Acoustic, The Cars that Ate Paris, 2000 Demented Slagz, Dr Fistlove, Kick in the Bits and others.
7/7/23   Nuneaton - The Crew.
           Chaos at the Crew with Guitar Gangsters, Thee Acid Tongue, Shackleford, The Crash Mats and Year Zero.
8/7/23   Plymouth - The Pit & Pendulum.
           with Denada 3, Dean Hutchinson  and Tsunami Sox.
21/7/23  Fleckney - Rose Farm - Mayhem at Micks.
           With Hung Like Hanratty, Broken 3 Ways, Kid Klumsy, Angry Itch, Leech Bleeders, Slackker and Monkish.
6/8/23   Rebellion festival - Pavillion Stage.
6/8/23   Rebellion festival - Almost Acoustic Stage (Jessi solo).
26/8/23  Upper Beeding - Rising Sun (Afternoon).
26/8/23  Southwick - Barn Theatre (Evening).
           with The Men They Couldn't Hang and Robb Johnson & the Irregulars
1/10/23  Nottingham - The Drinkery. (Jessi solo)
           with We Shall Overcome/Sherwood Shession with Paul Carbuncle, Sam Draisey, Wil Walker & Jennifer Bell and Cookie.
20/10/23 Bradford - 1 in 12 Club
           Means to an End Festival with Nape Neck and Fixer.
21/10/23 Hitchin - Club 85. 'You're all Weird' - a celebration of Mark Astronaut.
           with The Astronauts Songbook, Hagar The Womb, Temporal Comet, Billy Lunn, Robb Johnson, Bellzzz, Anthrax, Los Chicos Muertos, Andy T and Steve Lake.
11/11/23 Otley - Allotment Party (Jessi solo)
           with James Bar Bowen, Laura Taylor, Bob Kettle and Richard Dilks. 
15/12/23 High Wycombe - Wycombe Arts Centre.
           with Any Minute No and Prey
16/12/23 Swindon - The Castle.
           with Any Minute No.
17/12/23 Manchester - Star and Garter.
           with Knock Off, Fire Exit and Zero Tolerance.




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