photo - Marnie Burden

Our friends in Active Slaughter have compiled a 40 track download album to raise money to help families (some of whom they know personally) escape from Gaza. Every penny raised will go to that cause.

Details can be found here:

Tuesday 24 May, saw Crossrail finally opening in London, now branded as the Elizabeth Line.

Those of you watching the main BBC News may have spotted one of the first passengers sporting an Eastfield hoody - click the image:

Eastfield are chuffed to be included in the audio version of 'Grammar Free In The U.K.', which has just been released. It's a collection of over 60 very funny letters to British Punk Legends regarding their songs, with genuine witty responses voiced by the actual artists. This is an utterly unique and brilliant book which has already had rave reviews, and is a must for all punks everywhere. A donation will be made to charity from the profits of every sale.

To order, please visit www.grammarfreeintheuk.bandcamp.com/releases

By inputting 'eastfield' (no quote marks) you'll get a 10% discount.

After bidding farewell to Vince, the white van, Eastfield are happy to welcome Bertie, rostered for top-link duties and resplendent in metallic blue. To help with the finance necessary to get Bertie on the road, we've rolled out a spangly new limited-edition t-shirt design.

All proceeds from sales will go into the Bertie fund - Please see shop page.

We've started to play up and down the country again, albeit at a much slower pace while things return to something resembling normal service. Catch up with you soon. In the meantime, keep safe and sane.

'The Lockdown Letters' by D & D Philpott - Hilarious letters to Punk Bands with funny replies

For over a decade, 'The Philpotts' have been on a bonkers crusade of writing old-fashioned letters to pop and rock stars, picking up on lyrical ambiguities or deliberately misunderstanding them for comedic effect. These letters are even better when the artists unexpectedly write back in a witty and articulate fashion, politely pointing out exactly where the original letter went wrong...or right.

The latest volume, 'Grammar Free in the UK - The Lockdown Letters', is a collection of brand new waggish letters to UK Punk bands and artists complete with hilarious responses.

Eastfield's 'Hucknall get out of the Car' is one of 66 songs featured. We have copies to sell at the publishers price of £12.99 (plus £2 postage in the UK). Please see shop page.

Louder Than War review:


If you want to buy it direct from the publishers:


The book is initially limited to print run of 1,000, with a proportion of each copy sold being donated to punk-related charities.

Eastfield are participating in 2 fundraisers on Saturday 12 June.

First up is our very own virtual version of 'Off the Rails' fundraiser for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary live from 12 noon until 9pm.

Anyone up for carrying on partying afterwards, there's another fundraiser for 'Locomotion No 1' happening until 11pm. Eastfield will be rounding up that event at 10.45pm courtesy of 15 minutes of live full band footage taken from a hot and intimate gig in Bristol a few years back.


Hopefully next time we appear anywhere it should be in the real world.

To plug the gap before live music returns, the Eastfield derailed acoustic trio have a couple of live streams coming up in early March:

Rocking the Roost on Saturday 6 March features a whole galaxy of stars in memory of our friend Roger Johnson. Also doubles up as a fundraiser for Pagham RSPB where he volunteered.
It's available for all to watch on the Glastonwick Facebook page:
Full event details here:

Running 12 noon until 9pm. Eastfield playing 8.30 - 9pm.

Inside the Birdbath on Saturday 13 March is part of a series of fortnightly events hosted by our friend Paul from Anal Beard/POG.
To watch this live, please join the following facebook group:
Also featuring Emily Flea and Boy in the Cupboard.

Eastfield playing 8.50 - 9.30pm.

Not a great deal to report at present. Most events from last year have been carried over to this year and will be posted up on the gigs page as soon as confirmation of 'where' and 'when' arrives. Naturally, these are still reliant on the current global situation and consequently none of the more day-to-day gigs are being booked until we have a clearer picture of what's going on.

Our friends at Bluurg TV kindly asked for an Eastfield contribution for their eclectic You Tube channel. Last month we formed an acoustic trio bubble and recorded a handful of new and reworked songs live. These are being presented two at a time. The first two are already up with the next to follow shortly:


There's an Eastfield playlist (which also has some old live footage submitted as a stop gap).

On the same track but on a slightly different note, listening to this cool audio book kept me entertained whilst recently sorting out the Eastfield mail order. Here's a short review I wrote for their website:

'Lewis and Number One' by Antony J Stowers

The world's first steam locomotive operated public railway opened between Stockton and Darlington in 1825. This tale is set 200 years later as local schoolboy Lewis Noble ponders an assignment on this historic event. In addition to looking back, the reader is projected fast forward to get a glimpse of what transportation systems might look like in 2525. Indeed, with the help of time travel from this future era, Lewis is inadvertently transported back to Stockton in 1825 where he's able to witness the proceedings first hand.

This is a delightful, feelgood novel, reminiscent at times of the charming Mr Benn. To this extent, a story primarily aimed at a younger readership will also appeal to a wider audience. The aspect of traveling through the different time dimensions injects an element of fun to an important landmark in industrial history, whilst also serving as an educational tool. Those already blessed with a fair degree of railway knowledge may even learn something new. I certainly did. Highly recommended.

Further information/order from www.tonystowers.com

Hope it's going to be a Happy New Year. In the absence of regular gigs, we've just done a 45 minute acoustic live stream as part of our friend Attila the Stockbroker's 'Introduces' series. The footage is still up, either on his Facebook page or the Eastfield facebook page. It features us racing through both old and new unreleased songs. Hope you enjoy it.

Attila The Stockbroker Introduces......... | facebook.com/events/782764182451294/

The 'Urban Rail Punk' double CD collection has been reworked, remastered and rereleased to the extent that it now contains the first 5 albums and 2 eps from the period 1999-2011. Basically 60 songs spanning 154 minutes and 3 chords.

Included are the 'Keep it Spikey', 'Fanaticos Para Trenes', 'Roverbrain', 'Express Train to Doomsville' and 'Detonation Junction' albums. Plus the 'One Wrong...' and Loadhaul to Lhasa' eps.
Now available for £12 including postage in the UK.

See Shop and Releases pages for details

There's a nice feel-good programme 'Deserted in Lockdown Discs' currently being aired on Monday nights.
Jessi is the special guest on Monday 26 October at 8pm (UK time).
To listen, please go to: https://www.mixcloud.com/gail-something-else/

Along with earlier episodes, it'll still be up there afterwards but it'd be great if people could tune-in while it's going out live.
There's a facebook page explaining more about it too: https://www.facebook.com/DesertedinLockdownDiscs


Eastfield have re-emerged from the Forest of Dean unscathed after fine hospitality at the hands of the lovely Something Else crew. Being a bit old school as far as new fangled technology is concerned, participating in a live stream gig was a novel but enjoyable experience. For those indisposed darning their socks on the night, the video is still up at:
The Eastfield acoustic set kicks in around the 1 hour and 3 minute mark.

Also recently unleashed is a 90 minute film showing the bands from last year's Wonk Fest 7 'Vive le Revolution' all-dayer. It can be viewed via the Vive Le Rock site:
Eastfield racing through 'Pin me to the Moral High Ground' live at the Boston Music Rooms is on at 27 minutes 45 seconds.

The lovely Something Else crew are staging fortnightly events over the Summer. Adhering to current guidelines, these will be socially distanced but recorded and streamed live for the masses. As part of this, Eastfield are playing a full band acoustic set on Saturday 25 July, between 7 and 9pm UK time. On the night, please follow the link:


This is in conjunction with the #FieldMe campaign and will feature live performances and interviews.

We're particularly excited as we haven't exactly been in the public eye for the last four months - in addition to the current global pandemic, feel free to blame the tyranny of distance plus a lack of up to date technology. Whatever, hope to see you beaming over the airwaves on Saturday. In the meantime, stay safe. xx

Eastfield have recently come under lyrical scrutiny from the team behind the hilarious 'Dear Mr Popstar' and 'Dear Mr Kershaw' books. Derek Philpott, the pedant behind the project, has spent several years writing good old fashioned letters to artistes with enquiries concerning inconsistencies contained within song lyrics. His reasons are founded on the sound belief that quite frankly a lot of songs don't make any sense whatsoever. So bearing in mind the vast wealth of material available for analysis we really hope Mr Philpott has shares in Royal Mail.

Singled out in our instance is 'Hucknall, Get out of my Car'. The letter and response are below. Check out the link for this and more recent letters to other unwitting artists: www.facebook.com/derek.philpott.1

Just as everything was starting to run smoothly, Eastfield have been derailed by the current global coronavirus pandemic.

We're happy to welcome Bill on board to fill our drum stool on a permanent basis. Or at least when he hasn't got commitments with Culture Shock. In the event of a clash of rosters we've retained the services of Kev in the strategic reserve pool.

To celebrate the life of our friend Rob Ward, we've been donated a marvellous custom made telecaster guitar resplendent in house colours. Re-engined with humbucker pick-ups it rocks like a bastard. Our friend Paul does this primarily as a hobby but if anyone is interested in his guitar building services please contact him via pablo_w@btinternet.com

Many believed Eastfield would be the last band playing on the Titanic but safety is paramount and to that extent we hope you're all keeping healthy in these strange times. Needless to say our gig schedule for this year has been decimated - please see the gigs page for the current state of affairs. Like the whole world we're faced with the uncertainty of when things will start to get back to some form of normality. Rest assured we will be back, not that we've actually gone away. In the meantime, take good care and see you in the new world. Love, Eastfield xx

JANUARY 2020: 20/20 VISION
Another new year, another decade and another drummer but the same 3 chords...at least some things never change. Hernias have been patched up and normal service now resumed with gigs being added to the website as and when they roll in. The first part of the year is generally sorted with just a few weekends left to be filled in.

The coming months will see a few things planned in memory of our marvellous friend Rob Ward who sadly lost his brave fight against cancer last year. The first of these is a memorial gig in London on his birthday Saturday 14 March. Any funds raised on the night will go to MacMillan. In conjunction with this (but not on the actual day) Trina is having her head shaved for the cause: www.justgiving.com/fundraising/trina-breedon Hopefully it will be warmer by then. Cheers Rob, you're missed but never forgotten.

'Express Train to Doomsville' the final album in our quartet of retro vinyl re-releases is now out on 12" vinyl. The other three 'Keep it Spikey', 'Fanaticos Para Trenes' and 'Roverbrain' are also still available. They're £10 a-piece but one lot of £3 postage (in the UK) will cover all 4 albums sent together. Old school mailorder to the usual address or 21st century paypal to jessieastfield@hotmail.com

Please see SHOP page for this and other Eastfield product. Stocks of several items are running low. It'd obviously be good to clear these during a short break from live work.

Eastfield are currently in hibernation but will be back on the rails in February. Dates are currently being booked for the new year. Summer 2020 highlights include Rebellion, Glastonwick, Kippertronix, Mayhem at Micks and Off the Rails festivals.

In the meantime Peace, Love and Festive greetings however you wish to celebrate it.

'Roverbrain' the 3rd instalment of our quartet of retro album re-releases is now out on 12" vinyl. The original album from 2002 forms the whole of side A. We initially toyed with the idea of a one-sided release but opted instead to put the 'One Wrong...' ep from 2003 on side B. Both these have never been released on vinyl until now.

One can be yours for the sum of £10 + £3 P&P in the UK to the usual address (or paypal to jessieastfield@hotmail.com).

As previously notified, 'Keep it Spikey' and 'Fanaticos Para Trenes' are already out and the final album in the series 'Express Train to Doomsville' is imminent, scheduled for an early December release. Each album is £10 but seeing as the £3 postage will cover all 4 albums sent together, why not take advantage of Royal Mail's avant garde pricing structure and buy your loved one a whole lot of Eastfield product this winter.

The Beast of Bratislava has now been immortalised in liquid form courtesy of Team Toxic.

Named after the Eastfield song and weighing in at a respectable 5.0% abv, their taster notes describe it as 'a strong extra-pale ale with a big, fruity, bitterish New Zealand dry hopping and a bitter, hoppy and floral aftertaste'. Regardless of what that actually means we can corroborate further claims that it's 'Definitely tasty and most definitely punk'.

Naturally it's unfined, vegan friendly and has already found it's way into various pubs and festivals.

The second instalment of our 12" vinyl reissue series is now on the mainline.
Fanaticos Para Trenes was originally released as a CD album in conjunction with Beat Bedsit in July 2001.
Some consider it to be the finest Eastfield album but that's subjective and equally possible to say about every album.
I think they all sound the same. Please see releases and orders pages to make your own mind up.
'Roverbrain' is still on track to be released in the autumn with 'Express Train to Doomsville' in time for the timetable change in December.
The 'Urban Rail Punk' double CD reissue has been delayed due to engineering works and relying on favours from friends.

To mark the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Riots Tom Robinson played our version of his classic 'Glad to be Gay' on his BBC Radio 6 show on 29 June. Respect.

After a fallow year we're vegetable souped up, recharged and looking forward to Rebellion Festival.
Eastfield play the Pavilion stage at 5.40pm on the Sunday. www.rebellionfestivals.com

Elsewhere, it's been a relatively busy Summer despite currently having a vacancy on our drum stool.
Big love and thanks to Kev and Luke for filling in marvellously and ensuring Eastfield is always Eastfield.

Believe it or not, this month marks the 20th anniversary release of the first Eastfield album 'Keep it Spikey'.

After favourable reviews it quickly sold out of both CD pressings and for the following few years was only available as part of the 'Urban Rail Punk' collection.

Totally unplanned to mark such an occasion, the original 10 track 'Keep it Spikey' is now available on 12" vinyl for the first time. Released in conjunction with Urinal Vinyl and Dirty Old Man Records and limited to a run of 300, we only have half of these at Eastfield HQ and they're expected to fly out (£10 + £3 p+p, please see orders page).

The 12" vinyl albums of 'Fanaticos para Trenes', 'Roverbrain' and 'Express Train to Doomsville' will then follow throughout the year. However, we've been given a handful of advance copies of each so if any lucky soul wants the whole set now then please get in touch pronto. Cheers.

Happy new year and what a fitting time to regurgitate our back catalogue.

First up is the 'Houmous' CD album, a comprehensive collection of Eastfield anomalies long since consigned to history. 32 tracks from no longer available singles, eps, split releases and compilation tracks from 'Come to Bevland' to 'Labor Omnia Vincit' and plenty more in-between.

Hot on the heels in that complementing fashion will be a re-release of the 'Urban Rail Punk' double CD. Now updated, edited and extended to include the 'Detonation Junction' and 'Loadhaul to Lhasa' tracks in lieu of the above anomalies. See releases page for full details.

If that isn't retro enough, over the year the first 4 albums will be reissued on a series of 12" vinyl. The first 'Keep it Spikey' is already at the pressing plant and if all goes to plan will come out with impeccable timing to mark the 20 year anniversary of it's original release. How time flies, and how aeroplanes still crash.

While Eastfield may stand accused of dredging up the past with reconstituted recordings, we've hardly been standing still in the merch stakes. Now bang up to date and with the program Eastfield T-shirts, Hoodies, Beanie hats, Flight Bags, Tote Bags, Patches, Coasters and Mugs can be found on the orders page. They've been flying out at gigs so posting them around the country in recycled jiffy bags should be water off a ducks back. Expect the usual good quality products at non-ripoff prices. Feel free to get in touch for further details but the accompanying photos do them pretty good justice..

Elsewhere, the 'Family of Sound' ep (7" and CD) and the 'Peace Love Fire' CD album are still available. There are also very limited stocks of the 'Detonation Junction', 'Loadhaul to Lhasa', 'Songs from the Scrapyard' and 'Another Boring Eastfield Album' CDs. When they're gone, they're gone, or someone's chucked them in the canal.

Gig-wise, we've had January off but will be hitting the rails from mid-February.

See you at a dive near you shortly.

The new 'Family of Sound' ep is now available in both 7" vinyl and CD formats. You know what to expect: four new songs with a total running time of just over 10 minutes and the usual three chords.

'Pin me to the Moral High Ground', 'Just Getting Going', 'Johnny McDonald', Colours of the Weym Bow'.

Louder than War' review: https://louderthanwar.com/eastfield-xxxx-ep-review/

Both priced at £4 plus postage. Payment by paypal also available. See orders page for details.

Back in November we returned to the lovely Jigsaw studio due to Tony Dead Class making us agree to record an avant garde cover version. Whilst there we also recorded 4 brand spanking new Eastfield songs that aren't actually that 'new' as we've played them at every gig for well over a year now but don't let that detract from how chuffed we are with how they've turned out. Normally I'd have ants in my pants and want to put it out straight away, like before it's been mixed or mastered, or before Tom the engineer has a chance to record his skilful hot-licks over my inept two-fingered excuse at guitar playing. However, I've been flat out with all sorts of groovy nonsense such as driving railway vehicles on to the backs of lorries and had little or no time to sit down and sort it all out. Before you get out your violins in sympathy, it's now all getting sorted and is already in the process as I waffle away relentlessly. The 4 song 'Family of Sound' ep will be available mid June in both 7" vinyl and CD formats. Both priced at £4, more if I have to stick a stamp on it. Tracklisting : 'Pin me to the Moral High Ground', 'Just Getting Going', 'Johnny McDonald', Colours of the Weym Bow'.

Fundraiser at and for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary (Raunds, Northamptonshire).

Friday 15 and Saturday 16 June 2018.
Bands playing over the weekend - Eastfield, Pete Bentham & the Dinner Ladies, Lost Cherrees, See Yellow, Hacksaw, Wreckage, Casual Nausea, The Mispelt, Minor Discomfort Band, Murderers Row, Jammie Sammie Will Gosling, Alcohol Licks, Wormwood.
Music under cover in a barn with full pa and camouflage netting.
Vegan food and vegan bar (at sensible prices) plus dafty bands peddling their wares.
Site open from 3pm Friday to 1pm Sunday (it's a working sanctuary and they need to get set up for Monday after all this punk rock nonsense. Having said that, we have a licence, insurance, the environmental health on side for noise levels and the portaloos will be emptied and cleaned before the onslaught on Saturday night...I told you we were together).

Costs for weekend including 2 nights camping:
Adults - £25.
Big kids (17 & under) - £15.
Family - £60.
Little kids (under 8) - free.

Paypal address: trinabreedon@yahoo.co.uk (please add £2 per transaction to cover paypal fees/postage. Furthermore, if you mark it as a gift more money will go to the sanctuary). Please enquire for postal address if you're old skool like me and still have a cheque book. Wristbands and info sheet/programme will be sent out early June.

Please note we want as many sound people to turn up at this as possible but have to be a bit careful on the advertising and run the event as advance ticket only to satisfy conditions of the licence we've been granted. Tickets are limited to only 250 so the quicker you book the better. Feel free to spread the word to anyone you think might be interested but please don't post on social media and all that nonsense - it isn't real anyway! Please remember it's also a home as well as a working sanctuary. Holler for further details but if it's after 24 May you may get a quicker reply from Trina (vodkapunk@yahoo.co.uk).

In a couple of months I'll be putting in an order for another batch of Eastfield hoodies. These will be available pre-ordered only as no self-respecting soul wants to turn up at gigs only to clutter the venue with a load of bulky garments that they'll be lucky to sell on spec as everyone has spent their money on beer. "Where's the drum kit? We left it behind so we could put two crates of hoodies in the van instead..." On the other hand, Eastfield hoodies not only occupy a more sensible existence but are mint too. Gildan brand, Eastfield 'Urban Rail Punk' loco and flag design, white print normally on black but as they're pre-ordered other basic colour hoodies (within reason) may be doable. In the past, they've been £15 (+P&P if not collected at gigs etc), £3 more if you want one with zips down the front and print on the back. If you'd like one of these fetching garments, get in touch to be added to the list I've been compiling and we can take it from there.

I knew that would get some people's attention. Most Eastfield releases have sold out and even when we try to regurgitate them these in turn sell out too. As this is a lovely place to be in there have been discussions about further re-releasing most of our back catalogue...and why the hell not. CDs are straightforward, cheap and easy to sort so that will be a given, but who ever said life has to be easy! I spent ages looking at timings and working out that by sensibly cropping the odd song or two to optimise the grooves the first four albums could be packaged together as a double 12" vinyl set, which would look absolutely boss in a gatefold sleeve. However, our good mate Steve from Urinal Vinyl, being a sage in all things vinyl related, dashed my fiendish plans with a better idea - why not release the albums in their entirety as a series staggered over time? This is either very wise or ridiculous, but whichever I love it. Each album will be limited to 300 copies, we'll only have 150 max ourselves to sell, so they should fly out. As we're hippies we'll probably punt them out for £8 (may be a little bit more for people not ordering the whole series). Right, who's up for a set?

SEPTEMBER 2017: Forever Autumn
As we head full throttle towards the Equinox it's a good a time as any to reflect on the past few months. The Summer was marvellous, involving a healthy smattering of wonderful festivals, parties and regular gigs. Sadly we also played our first wake, where along with his family and friends we gave our friend Big Dave in Birmingham a send off in a custom he'd truly appreciate.

The 'Off the Rails' weekend was another success where, after covering all costs, £1550 overall was raised for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary. Buoyed by this, a plan has been hatched to do it again, so the same weekend has been booked next year Friday 15/Saturday 16 June 2018. Same place and similar format as before. Vegan caterers, vegan brewer and pot noodle eating pa crew have been booked, and bands are being contacted. Please put the date in your diary/get in touch for further details.

Also looking forward, all gigs for the remainder of 2017 are up on the gigs page. Any tweaks will be done on a regular basis. Behind the scenes, gigs for 2018 are also being pencilled in. Those who have seen us live recently may have noticed new songs appearing in the set, or perhaps not as they all sound the same. Expect more of this over the next few months. It's probably a good time to think about a new album as many existing titles have sold out or are running very low and there's no point lugging empty boxes into venues. So for now we've stocked up on a new batch of retro 'Keep it Spikey' t-shirts which haven't been available for several years. Please see the orders page for shapes and sizes.

So to recap, it's (horrible word) business as usual - we don't do away easily. See you soon. cheers x.

MAY 2017: On it and Off the Rails
The sun is out and with summer nearly upon us it looks like we're going to spending most of it playing those weird & wonderful small festivals that we've become accustomed to love, all regularly interspersed with several birthday parties for various friends coming of a big age.

After a year's sabbatical we're again happy to be hosting our own 'Off the Rails' event, taking place over the weekend of Friday & Saturday 16 & 17 June 2017. This is again a fundraiser for our friends at Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary (registered charity number 1126664). Improvements this year will be a much higher stage and relocation of the camping field to one that has never been used for animal grazing before. Those who've attended in the past will testify what a marvellous vibe is to be had, so do feel free to come along and join us. Further details can be found on the regularly updated gigs page.

Buffering this at the diametrically opposite end of the alternative festival scale finds us playing Bearded Theory (Saturday 27 May, Pallet Stage, 3pm) and Rebellion in Blackpool in August. Always a pleasure to be invited, Eastfield will be playing on the Sunday (6 August). www.beardedtheory.co.uk www.rebellionfestivals.com

With all that it can't fail to be a grand summer. Hopefully catch up with you somewhere.

JANUARY 2017: New Year Sale Madness
Happy New Year folks. Different year, same 3 chords, so business as usual then.

Talking of business, a rarity in these parts, the Eastfield stock cupboard is looking fairly bare for a number of items:

The 'Urban Rail Punk' double CD album has totally sold out, meaning only half of the songs from that are currently available - namely on the Violated Records US collection. There are 5 each of the 'One Wrong...?' ep and 'Middleground 3' compilations. The 'Peace Love Fire' and 'Double Header' 12"s are now down to single figures and there are only a handful of mugs left.

In addition we have a few 'end of the line' of various old t-shirt designs left (including 2 x small black 'Peace Love Fire' ) and most other later designs are running low. All this is expected to go soon after we start gigging again at the end of January, so if you fancy getting in quick, please get in touch. All this is counterbalanced by finding a box of 'Loadhaul to Lhasa' eps which we thought had nearly sold out, so at least that's still available for a while.

Anyone going to gigs at the Hairy Dog in Derby please note that our friend and occasional merch guy Anthony has been running quite a substantial distro at punk and alternative gigs in the venue. Expect releases from many of the weird and wonderful bands we often play with and plenty of others in that ilk. All sold cheap as chips. To see what he's got, check out:


Please note, he doesn't do mail order as would rather people ordered direct from the bands themselves. What a nice chap.

OCTOBER 2016: One-Two-Three-Ouch!
After 5 1/2 years in the hot seat, long standing drummer Pete has had to hang up his drumsticks - that's another one we've burnt out! It may be well documented that Eastfield have had a long line of drummers though Pete has been the longest serving and consequently is a big part of planet Eastfield. We shall be bumping into him from time to time and wish him all the best swilling scrumpy and the like.

As one door closes, another one reopens and we welcome back Ben into the fold. Now occupying the drum stool on a permanent basis he's another person who has also had a major part to play on the good ship Eastfield so it's business as usual.

We're all marvellously set up for the 3 dates in November with our good friends Les Vilains Clowns from Brittany. Anyone currently freaked out by the appearance of scary clowns up and down the country can be rest assured that our French friends have been dressing as clowns for years and have nothing to do with those buffoons.

JULY 2016: Time flies
Eastfield passed the 20 year mark relatively unscathed, apart from a bit of forgetfulness predicatably brought on by the onset of old age. We've been touting '20 years' t-shirts around gigs over the last three months but leave it until now to get round to putting them on the website. Perhaps we're in denial about our age, perhaps we're useless hippies. Whatever, they come in various shapes and sizes (please see the orders page for details).

Now summer is upon us it's time to kick back and enjoy a few lovely weekenders. As creatures of habit, this month we'll be strutting our stuff as per usual slap, bang in the middle of the mayhem of Farmer Mick's in Fleckney and then doing it all again a couple of weeks later at ska-fuelled Kippertronix in mid-Wales. Early August sees us head up to the seaside for a welcome return to Rebellion festival where we're playing the Arena stage on the Sunday at 5.35pm. Once we've recovered, washed the sand out from between our toes and ears and put our 'kiss-me-quick' hats on e-bay it'll be business as usual in the autumn and beyond (oi, don't think about that just yet, we've got the whole summer to enjoy first).

JANUARY 2016: It was twenty years ago today....
Happy new year folks. Hope you got through the festive season unscathed.

2016 sees Eastfield 20th anniversary so dates are currently being pieced together to celebrate this. The gigs page will be updated regularly on an as and when basis so please keep checking back and we'll see you at a dive near you shortly. On the distro side of things, the 'Double Header' LP and 'Another Boring Eastfield Album' US CD are both now in stock and if all goes to plan we'll have some more product available during the year...

DECEMBER 2015: For Absent Friends
Sorry to be the bearer of sad news but Pup, Eastfield's friend, roadie and live soundman, died unexpectedly last weekend. A larger than life character and a real pleasure to have around, this naturally will leave a big hole in our lives.

Some may question the decision to still go ahead with a gig this weekend, but those that knew him will know that he'd be the first person to want it to go ahead. So please feel free to come along and join us in doing him proud...

Eastfield have had a fun summer and one day I may even stay indoors and update this news page more regularly. That also may also prove conducive to finishing writing the next Eastfield album. In the meantime, there are a couple of new releases covering the span of most of our back catalogue:
First up, Violated Records in the USA have released a collection of our early recordings, appropriately titled 'Another Boring Eastfield Album: A Rail Punk Collection'. This is a full 33 track CD album compiled by Pat from Violent Society who we toured with back in 2000. Violent Society's drummer Jason has done the artwork and persuaded me it's good to use a lot more colour than we usually do!

All the tracks have previously been available on the 'Urban Rail Punk' double CD, very timely as that's down to its last handful of copies...if anyone wants one please get in touch pronto. Likewise for the new USA release. Details will be on this site when we receive them in late November, but feel free to get in touch to reserve one. Although we'll have a limited supply, the majority will be on sale in the US, see www.facebook.com/violatedrecordsphilly We're in good company as the label have also just put out albums by the Newtown Neurotics and External Menace.

Secondly, and not covered by above, our two most recent albums are soon to be packaged together as a 2 x 12" vinyl set also appropriately titled 'Double Header'. There will be a limited run of 75 of these and also a small finite supply of both albums individually. The cynical amongst you will claim that we are doing this to cash-in on another quirky package. The less exciting reason is that 75 covers of the 'Peace. Love. Fire' album got damaged in transit which we needed to replace, this seemed like a fun way to do that and clear the last few 'Detonation Junction' albums at the same time. These should reach us late November too.

Stay tuned.

Apparently so, and to add to the rumours our 'Peace Love Fire' album is now out on lovely 12" vinyl. Naturally it's been remastered to give more wumpf. Not only that, it comes complete with extra tracks to push it up to around 18 minutes per side thus optimising both the grooves and grooviness (quality deteriorates after 22 minutes as all you sound buffs will well know). It's a co-release with Urinal Vinyl, Global Resistance and Dirty Old Man Records and contains all songs from the 'Peace, Love, Fire' album plus the 3 'normal' tracks from the 'Loadhaul to Lhasa' ep. Feel free to head over to the releases and orders page for a bit more info.

Eastfield are back on the rails after taking January off gigging for essential repairs, overhauls and maintenance. Lots of weird and wonderful gigs are currently being arranged. The summer will see us outside a fair bit with several festival slots already booked...some tried and tested old favourites plus a few that are new to us. How marvellous. Hop over to the gigs page for details as and when they become available. See you all soon.

Our friends at ETHICAL WARES have been supplying vegan cruelty-free footwear for 21 years. Please see here for a video celebrating this milestone including a message form yours truly.
Their website: http://www.ethicalwares.com/

Another friend, MICK MERCER is broadcasting a splendid internet radio show every Sunday night (from 10pm, UK time). You know what to expect...Gothic, Post-Punk and Punk, featuring new bands galore alongside classics and curios. All in all a groovy show, well I like it and he plays some Eastfield.
Listen live: http://server2.luschaudio.com:9162/
Catch up: http://www.mixcloud.com/mickmercerradio/
Comment whilst on air at: https://www.facebook.com/mickmercerradio

Eastfield's 'Peace Love Fire' album will finally be coming out in January or February on 12" vinyl.
We have a couple of small labels co-releasing this with us.

Hopcraft Brewery in South Wales has just brought out it's summer beer 'Sharks Against Surfers' named after the Eastfield song on the 'Express Train to Doomsville' album. The tasting notes say it's 'extra-pale, dry, citrussy and refreshing'. Sounds good. Our only stipulation was that no animal ingredients were to be used in the process or product to ensure it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. We're happy to say they've done us proud. We find ourselves in good company as they also name beers after Joy Division songs. www.hopcraftbrewing.co.uk
Elsewhere, our friend and collaborator Brother Whitters has unashamedly ripped off the British Rail marketing board 1970s style and designed a poster for our upcoming show at the Rebellion Festival. He'll have a limited run on sale for a fiver in the 'At the Edge - Punk Art' space at the festival which runs from 7 -10 August, Eastfield will be playing the Pavilion stage at 6.10pm on the Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who worked, came and took part in 'Off the Rails'. The whole weekend was a resounding success with a big shout out for us to do it again. Hopefully we'll be able to do just that once the dust settles. Thumbs up to Nick, Deb and Shaggy for keeping the bar stocked with real ale and cider, the wonderful Teatime Collective for the vegan food, Rich, Pup and Sean for doing the PA, all the bands, helpers, the staff at the sanctuary and everyone who bought a ticket and came along to add to the vibe. Everybody there was fantastic. Once all costs including bands expenses were covered it's looking like we raised around £800 for Brook Farm Animal Sanctuary, we'll post the final figure once it's confirmed.

We've looking forward to other similar events over the summer such as Kippertronix Festival and Bladefest. Likewise Rebellion where we're playing the Pavilion stage at 6.10pm on the Saturday. All information can be found in the usual places. It's shaping up to be a totally marvellous summer.

You've probably noticed that we've been uncharismatically quiet of late. It's been a funny old year and due to unforeseen circumstances we've had to turn down a few things that we'd normally have jumped at...the wonderful Glastonwick Beer Festival and Strummercamp immediately spring to mind. Fear not, things are slowly returning to normal and we've still got plenty of the summer left to give our tents an airing. On that subject, as previously announced, we're holding our 'Off the Rails' event in Northamptonshire on 4 and 5 July. This is both a fundraiser for a local animal sanctuary and also another excuse for people to get together. It's shaping up nicely, as usual further details can be found on the gigs page. We haven't posted the address on any public page as we are limited to 200 tickets so please contact us directly for any further information.

Big thanks and respect to Sox, Nick, Craig, Trystan and Steve for standing in, performing brilliantly and keeping the good train Eastfield on track over the last few months.

DECEMBER 2013: Peace. Love. Fire.
The shiny new album is now out, about and presently being mailed around the country in recycled jiffy bags. Naturally, expect the usual 3 chords...why change the habit of a lifetime! Please see releases/orders pages for details. Any queries feel free to holler at: jessieastfield@hotmail.com. If anyone is interested in distro-ing some copies that'd also be really great, cheers. The jury is still out on whether or not to do a vinyl version in the new year, if you feel sufficiently strongly on the subject then do apply some pressure.

Our friends at 'Louder than War' are now accepting orders for the new album via paypal. Please see www.louderthanwar.com/shop/

See you in the new year. Until then, happy year end to one and all, however you choose to celebrate it.

NOVEMBER 2013: Another Album being shunted in the marshalling yard
The new album has been mixed and mastered, despite our good friend and engineer Tom Savage being stricken with food poisoning at the time. It's currently languishing at the pressing plant and should arrive early to mid December...unless the staff all get food poisoning there too. We're amassing pre-orders via the usual address, at a slightly reduced rate before the year end.

We've got a handful of gigs left this year before the winter break, abnormal service will be resumed in mid-January. Have fun.

AUGUST 2013: Back to Reality
Eastfield survived Rebellion Festival unscathed and things are slowly returning back to normality. Great to see so many friendly faces packed into one room. Bambi has been back playing gigs with us but Sox is still on the subs bench if and when required. His band Cretin 77 have just released their album 'Cretin City Terminal' which is well worth checking out.
Meanwhile the new Eastfield album is under way and we're well chuffed with the seven new songs recorded in April. The remaining songs are nearing completion so when they're done another session at Jigsaw will be booked. The plan is get the whole thing recorded, mixed, mastered and released by the end of the year. Well you can never rush these things!
Hope you're all having a good Summer, see you somewhere soon.

APRIL 2013: Out of hibernation
Eastfield are booked into Jigsaw studio again this month to begin churning out another album. Same old drill - 10 songs, 3 chords throughout. You know the risks.
Long standing bass player Bambi is currently taking a break from live work. While he undergoes an F-exam, our friend Sox from Cretin '77 is kindly stepping in. Respect.
We've some grand events to look forward to later in the year. Good news, Kippertronix is back after a break, we're playing Rebellion Festival on the Friday, a couple of punx picnics and a summer wouldn't be complete without a jaunt to Mick's Farm for Bladefest. Sadly, Eastfield won't be at the Blyth Power Ashes this year after the organisers changed the day they originally offered to one we couldn't do.

NOVEMBER 2012: Back on the Road Again
After spending most of October mending broken equipment and recharging our batteries, normal service will be resumed in November. The first weekend will be spent in the company of Les Vilains Clowns (Brittany) and another later in the month with our old comrades in arms Zounds. Nicely sandwiched between these is an obligatory visit to the lovely Yorkshire House in Lancaster. Full details can be found on the gigs page.

AUGUST 2012: New Product
The repetition 7" has now arrived in its full range of weird and wonderful coloured vinyl. Please see order page for details. There are limited amounts of all 6 colours - feel free to get in quick if you want the whole set.

Ian Glasper's latest book 'Armed With Anger, How UK Punk Survived The Nineties' is now readily available. Published by Cherry Red Books, this hefty paperback weighs in at a whopping 500 pages. As well as featuring an Eastfield interview, there are others by bands we played with in the late 1990s many from the Birmingham area such as Spithead, Police Bastard, Rotunda, Intention etc. We don't have copies to sell ourselves but it's available to order from any bookseller.
ISBN: 978-1-901447-72-9

Eastfield will be heading off to play dates in Germany and Holland at the end of September. Full details will be added to the gigs page as and when they are finalised.

Thursday  20 September 2012 - LEIDEN    (NL) CAB03
Friday    21 September 2012 - GRONIGEN  (NL) Crowbar
Saturday  22 September 2012 - AMSTERDAM (NL) ADM. TIJD Festival
Sunday    23 September 2012 - BERLIN    (DE) Cortina Bob
Monday    24 September 2012 -
Tuesday   25 September 2012 -
Wednesday 26 September 2012 - OSNABRUCK (DE) SubstanZ
Thursday  27 September 2012 - MULHEIM   (DE) AZ
Friday    28 September 2012 - ESSEN     (DE) Panic Room
Saturday  29 September 2012 - COLOGNE   (DE) Aether

JUNE 2012: Summer Festivities
We're naturally all geared up for a bit of summer madness, with some mixed results. Glastonwick Festival was as lovely as ever. The 'Vive le Rock' Festival got cancelled well in advance freeing us up to play a party for a friend instead. We can only guess what happened with that 'Punk by the Sea' business...after hearing rumours that it had been cancelled we tried to contact the organisers but they didn't get back in touch. We made the decision not to risk travelling down until we got concrete assurances that it was on. Judging by the comments made by friends that made the journey down there we made completely the right decision. Apologies to anyone else who was hoping to catch up with us. Feel free to get in touch about it.
Our tents will be getting quite an airing later in the summer - we're playing the Blyth Power Ashes, Farmer Micks Party (Bladefest) plus a couple of festivals on animal sanctuaries. There's also Rebellion Festival to look forward to, where Eastfield will be playing the Arena stage on the Friday. All details will be added to the gigs page as and when we get them.

The Vinylman Cometh
The 'Repetition' 7" has been pressed and is currently in Germany awaiting departure for these shores. It will be available in 5 different colours plus a further limited version in clear vinyl with a screenprinted colour. Such wanton extravagance for what could be considered as a 'Best of...' compilation, appropriately containing only four tracks! (Faredodging, Another Boring Eastfield Song, Rugeley Crimestoppers 2012 (remix) and 47002).

MARCH 2012: Mad March Bring and Buy Sale
A lovely weekend was had by all at the 'Another Winter of Discontent' Festival. This has warmed us up sufficiently for the dates with Scene of Irony. So it's off with the winter jumpers and on with the t-shirts, and accordingly we have a new t-shirt design - Please see orders page for details.
Also TrueTrash (Munich) will soon be releasing some older Eastfield tracks on a 7" single. This will come in a multitude of weird and wonderful coloured vinyl, each being strictly limited. The freight consist is currently at the pressing plant, the release date will follow.

JANUARY 2012: Happy new year
Eastfield will be intentionally quiet for a couple of months whilst we recharge our batteries in addition to overhauling our equipment and bodies. We will haul ourselves out of hibernation in mad March for the 'Another Winter of Discontent Festival' and a UK tour with Scene of Irony from St. Louis (dates below). Full details appear on the gigs page.
Thursday   8 March 2012 - WELLINGBOROUGH Horseshoe.
Friday     9 March 2012 - LEEDS The Well
Saturday  10 March 2012 - LIVERPOOL Basement 20
Sunday    11 March 2012 - LANCASTER Yorkshire House
Wednesday 14 March 2012 - BIRMINGHAM Wagon and Horses
Thursday  15 March 2012 - DERBY Old Bell
Friday    16 March 2012 - SHOREHAM Duke of Wellington
Saturday  17 March 2012 - LONDON 12 Bar

NOVEMBER 2011: Anarchy on the Airwaves
There will be an interview with Jessi on the Under the Pavement radio show on Thursday 10 November from 11.00pm-1.00am. Broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 across south, central and east Manchester and if you are unlucky enough to live outside the area you can tune in online at www.allfm.org. Further details - www.underthepavement.org

At the end of the month, Eastfield will be heading over the Irish Sea for a triple-header of 3 gigs with our good friends The Astronauts and Andy T. See gigs page for full details.

AUGUST 2011: The Summer of Love
We had a marvellous time at Rebellion Festival, overcoming the acoustics of the Olympia 2 stage and surviving a damaged guitar arm. Big respect to all friends both old and new that we met there. A review and corresponding interview can be found on www.louderthanwar.com

Eastfield are taking a seemingly deserved break for most of August until making our annual appearance at the Blyth Power Ashes - another festival, albeit at the other end of the punk rock spectrum, which has now survived for 10 glorious years. The festivities take place near Peterborough, close to where they originally started, on bank holiday weekend 26 to 28 August 2011. Eastfield are playing on the Saturday evening between 8 - 8.40pm. Go to www.blythpower.co.uk for full info or www.theploughonline.com for details of the venue.

JULY 2011. Retro Detonation Junction.
The new Eastfield album 'DETONATION JUNCTION' is now available in 12" vinyl too...how very retro of us. (Please see releases/orders page).
Never known to miss a trick, we're taking a load off on tour to mainland Europe this month. I know there was a reason for getting the van. (Details on the gigs page).

JUNE 2011. Calling all stops to Detonation Junction.
The new Eastfield album 'DETONATION JUNCTION' is now available. I could waffle at more length about it, but for want of being self-indulgent I wont. Suffice to say it sounds the same as all the other ones.

Please see releases page for further details.

MAY 2011. New Album gets the right away
The new album 'Detonation Junction' has been recorded and mixed and is currently in a freight consist on the way to the pressing plant. The CD version should be with us mid-June with a vinyl version to follow a month later. How retro are we?
Pete has now joined us full time after his baptism of fire on our recent European jaunt. A good time was had by all, including Dave the Eastfield van who made it unscathed. Blame our European brothers and sisters for making us conscript Pete.

APRIL 2011: In Solidarity
Our friend JJ from Active Slaughter was imprisoned for three years in October 2010 for his support of the SHAC campaign.
His sound band mates have put together a compilation CD purely and simply to try and raise some money for him so that he has some funds when he gets out. Every penny made will go directly to him.
For further details see www.powcd.org the CD can be ordered direct from there or is available from us at gigs or via the orders page of this website.

MARCH 2011: A Thorne in our side
Sadly, under doctors orders Oddo has had to take the decision to retire from all drumming duties due to health reasons.
He has been an integral part of Eastfield for the last few years and will be missed.
Fortunately, we have marvellous people like Pete Wormwood and Johnny Scumhater to occupy the drumstool for our existing commitments. The logistical headache is now to find someone to drive and carry stuff now that Oddo is unable to. Bloody skiiver!

MARCH 2011: Another Boring Eastfield Album
Eastfield are booked into the wonderful Jigsaw Studio during late March to start recording the next album. It's been a long time coming but if the Stone Roses, Massive Attack and Shakespeare's Sister can have long periods between albums then surely so can we! New songs have started to appear in the live set too.
Update: The first session was tidy, Pete drummed a blinder and seven tracks have been laid down. Further studio time is booked for May with planned release date sometime in June. I guess I'd better think of a title.

FEBRUARY 2011: The Eurotrain Cometh
Eastfield have renewed their passports, visas and inter-rail passes with plans a-foot to be over the channel during the year. First off sees our usual jaunt to Bavaria and beyond over Easter. Then we are back over touring with our good friends Ram-man in late July. A third jaunt should take in an exciting rail themed festival in mid-September. Further details of all these escapades will be posted on our gigs page as and when they are confirmed.

JANUARY 2011: Any Excuse For A Party!
Happy New Year. Shock, horror! - this year Eastfield will be celebrating 15 years of existence...is that ALL I hear you ask!
To commiserate, we will be hosting a '15 Years and 3 Chords Party' at the Wagon and Horses in Birmingham on the evening of Friday 8 April. Already confirmed are our good friends Blyth Power who we did our first gig with back in the day, plus bands featuring our ex-members.

DECEMBER 2010: Turning Rebellion Into Money.
Eastfield have been booked to play at next years Rebellion Festival, which takes place at Blackpool Winter Gardens from 4 to 7 August 2011.
When we're told exactly when and where, we'll be our usual efficient selves and post it on the gigs page. Further details can be found at: www.rebellionfestivals.com
In addition next year we should also be playing all the usual weird and wonderful festivals we frequent. Marvellous.

APRIL 2010:
The European jaunt has now been finalised, Eastfield will be playing at the following venues, unless we get stuck at the mercy of Eurotunnel due to trains breaking down in the snow:

Thursday 1 April 2010 - GENT De Barbaar.
Friday 2 April 2010 - ANTWERP (cancelled due to police closing down the venue).
Saturday 3 April 2010 - MUNICH Private Party. All welcome - see gigs page.
Sunday 4 April 2010 - AUGSBURG Kulturpark West, Krad-Halle.
Monday 5 April 2010 - NEUBURG an der Donau - Tanzcafe Hertlein.
Tuesday 6 April 2010 - day off.
Wednesday 7 April 2010 - BERLIN Wild at Heart.
Thursday 8 April - CHEMNITZ Subway to Peter.
Friday 9 April 2010 - NURNBERG (venue tbc).
Saturday 10 April 2010 - KORTRIJK Cine Palace.

Full details can be found on the gigs page. The German dates are with the lovely Garden Gang who will hopefully be coming back over to the UK to tour with us in September. We have a load of spiffing new black 'Rail punk' t-shirts to stuff in our rucksacks and hopefully there will be enough room to take the last dregs of our 7" singles. Our European brothers and sisters like that kind of thing. marvellous.

MARCH 2010:

After a cracking couple of February weekends with Steve Lake, things have been deliberately quiet lately. That way you wont ever get sick of us, as if... Anyhow, we have a jaunt to Belgium and Germany sorted for Easter and then several weird and wonderful events to look forward to when we return. So far Eastfield are confirmed as playing at the following festivals this summer...Glastonwick, Kippertronix, Blyth Power Ashes plus Farmer Mick's Party. Details are up on the gigs page and will be updated as and when. See you at a barn near you...


Ho ho ho. Well we've shied away from putting up any news for a few months. What is there to say? Well we've continually been doing a few gigs up and down the country - normal service being well and truly resumed. The gigs page is always updated regularly, immediately as new shows get finalised. Perhaps next year, I'll be dynamic and post a news bulletin at the start of each month, unless that sounds a bit too bloggy or twittered.

Things a-foot for 2010: The end of February will see Eastfield playing 2 long weekends with the charismatic Steve Lake doing a solo set of classic Zounds songs. We plan to revisit this later in the year too. Easter should see us twisting an unsuspecting friend's arm to drive us over to Germany and Switzerland for a 10 date tour with Munich's very own Garden Gang. The summer will be spent playing the usual array of weird and wonderful non-commercial festivals and if I pull my finger out and finish writing it, we may even get to record the next Eastfield album which some would say is long overdue, but in reality will sound just the same as the previous ones. Unless of course I get given that elusive fourth chord for christmas. Bah humbug!

MAY 2009:

The new CD 'Songs from the Scrapyard' is now available. This is the much threatened 'solo' album which people have been pestering me to do for a while now. Under the guise of 'Eastfield Derailed' it occupies the ground between a more acoustic album and an Eastfield full band album. The rationale behind it follows that every Eastfield song starts off as a 'sketch' which is deliberately kept as basic as possible. This time around these sketches have been embellished by collaboration and recorded over time. We are happy enough to unleash the results upon the unsuspecting public. (see releases, orders and lyrics pages for further details)

APRIL 2009:

Journalist Adrian Johnson has written a novel 'Love and Taxes' based on people's resistance to the poll tax, which is currently celebrating it's 20th anniversary in Scotland. He is reading some extracts from it as part of an anti-poll tax exhibition at the People's Palace in Glasgow on Saturday 18th April. Jessi will be accompanying the readings with acoustic guitar and singing a few Eastfield-esque refrains to punk-tuate it.

MARCH 2009:

The wonderful people of BBP Records have been in touch about releasing an Eastfield live tape. We have some good 'rough and ready' audience recordings from last summer that feature the various marvellous stand-in drummers when Oddo was in hospital. This will be a fitting tribute to them for their time, effort and for caring enough about the good train Eastfield to keep it on track.


New songs are currently being written and recorded in sketch format. Each Eastfield song has been done this way but this time around the trusty 4-track has been jettisoned in favour of a bit more time and effort as well as throwing the production skills of H into the mix. The plan is to release them as our 'basement tapes' as a prelude to full band versions becoming available...Eastfield Derailed - Songs from the Scrapyard. You get the gist.


If Jessi works out how to use a cheap international calling card...he'll be interviewed live on the net at 8am UK time, midnight US time:


On Thursday 27th November Jessi will be appearing as guest on Under the Pavement, (an alternative/ radical radio show) from 11.00pm until 1.00am. Broadcast on ALL FM 96.9 (in the Manchester (uk) area) and online at http://www.allfm.org/. Jessi will be performing a couple of acoustic songs live in the studio and chatting about stuff!
Check www.underthepavement.org for latest playlists, schedules and more!

AUGUST 2008:

Tune in to the 'Punk and Disorderly' radio show www.phoenixfm.co.uk between 8-10pm on Wednesday 27 August 2008. Stevie Caldwell of 'People who care' will be guest presenting along with Jessi (Eastfield) and J (Inner Terrestrials). There will be interviews, live acoustic tracks plus a selection of the godawful music we all like. Tune in or drop out.

JULY 2008:

Oddo (Eastfield driver, equipment carrier and drummer) has had a successful operation and is currently convalescing. We all wish him a speedy recovery. Thank you for all your thoughts and well wishes. It is his wish that Eastfield carry on during this period. We are lucky to have a pool of marvellous stand-in drummers to call upon to keep his seat warm. The gigs page will be kept updated. Sorry for the glitch with this website during June. Normal service is now resumed. Have it!

MAY 2008:

The lyrics to 'Bury Vic Berry' from 'Roverbrain' have been quoted in a book about Leicester's River Soar entitled 'The Mile Straight' by Roger Hutchinson, an artist and local historian. The book was created to bring the geography and history of Leicester's waterways to life for the people of the city. Although mainly about canals, the book has a 2 page feature on Vic Berry's notorious scrapyard. The book is available for £6.50 (cheques payable to Mac Associates (Leicester) Ltd) from Roger, 39 Hazel street, Leicester LE2 7JN. Further details: rogerhutchinson@ntlworld.com


Eastfield have been dragged back into Jigsaw studio to record songs for a forthcoming split cd with Destructors 666 on Rowdy Farrago records. Release date is 28th April 2008. Our part of the split will feature 2 new Eastfield songs: 'Money' and 'Jumping Under Someone Else's Train', plus 2 cover versions: Divine's 'Shake it Up' and Tom Robinson's 'Glad to be Gay'. Homophobia still abounds in all aspects of the music industry, so we thought it would be a fitting idea to get our friend H to update the lyrics and sing lead vocals on the track. Tom Robinson has been supportive of the idea and use of his song. Destructors 666 will continue their fine tradition of recording one old song, a cover and a new track...something old, something borrowed and something new. I guess our version of 'Shake it Up' - a hi-energy club classic from the 1980's can form the something blue part.

AUGUST 2007:

New CD is now available........LOADHAUL TO LHASA....... with versions of Rugeley Crimestoppers, Train to the Top of the World and Class 20's of the Apocalypse. 38 minutes of the same 3 chords but in a different way - contains normal Eastfield, acoustic and 'Altered State Transit' mixes.

MAY 2007:

Due to the 'Keep it Spikey' and 'Fanaticos para Trenes' albums selling out and the others running low, we wanted to make the songs continually available. This is a collection of more or less every eastfield song recorded and released between 1997-2005 on one double cd. Contains all tracks on 'Keep it Spikey', 'Fanaticos para Trenes', 'Roverbrain', 'One Wrong can move a People and a Wronged People can move the World' and 'Express Train to Doomsville' plus alternative versions of songs that appeared on various compilations at the time. Running time is 143 minutes, which isn't bad for the same 3 chords.

Elsewhere, eastfield tracks appear on 3 new compilations from Deadlamb, Angry Scenes and the final release from Punk Shit records. Our distro at gigs is now overflowing so we're selling all old stock off cheap as chips.
Punk Shit have also recently put out the 'Middleground 3' compilation. Eastfield have contributed the 3 cover versions done over the years. This cd is the only place these are available as the 'Gatecrashing Eurovision' cd has also sold out.

Details of all these can be found on the releases and orders pages.

That's enough retro, back to the present day - Eastfield have been back to the wonderful Jigsaw studio to record some new songs which once various mixes have been finalised should see light of day in July/August. These will be the first to feature Oddo and may actually shut him up for 5 minutes.


Potbelly Brewery of Kettering are currently brewing 'EASTFIELD I.P.A.' beer. It comes in at a respectable 7.0% and should be ready for drinking at the all-day gig at Kettering Sawyers on Sunday 29th October. Gig goers are advised to please drink sensibly, ha ha.

After filling in marvellously on the drum stool during October we are happy to welcome on board Oddo from Northampton's Rotten Agenda as our new permanent drummer. He also does a good 'Man from Atlantis' impression.


The Eastfield videos have now been moved onto a faster server. Hopefully this will mean no more waiting!

JULY 2006:

We have got our Basque comrades Pabellon 314 over for a short tour of the UK in August.
Their confirmed dates are:

Thu  3  - BRIGHTON The Albert (with Eastfield and Flatpig)
Fri  4  - SOUTHAMPTON King Alfred (with the Bus Station Loonies)
Sat  5  - LONDON Stockwell - The Grosvenor (with PAIN)
Sun  6  - NORTHAMPTON Racehorse (with Eastfield and Rotten Agenda)
Mon  7  - BIRMINGHAM Market Tavern (with Eastfield and Rotten Agenda)

Please note Eastfield are only doing some of the shows due to prior commitments


Eastfield feature on 2 recent compilations:

Punk in Sunderland and around the world

'Punk in Sunderland and around the world' double cd featuring 48 bands.

Split 7 inch

Plus a split single featuring Eastfield and 4 of the bands we recently toured with in Scotland.

Please see releases page for info

MARCH 2006:

Eastfield will embark on a lengthy tour in April and May to commiserate 10 years of their existence. Confirmed so far are: (Please see gigs page for extended details)

Sat 1 - SLIGO Coollera House
Fri 7 - CROMFORD The Boat
Sun 9 - LONG EATON Sportsman
Mon 10 - LONDON Metro Bar (PUNK AID)
Wed 12 - COVENTRY Jailhouse
Thu 13 - BRIGHTON Free Butt
Fri 14 - DOVER Louis Armstrong
Sat 15 - (Daytime - noon) EASTBOURNE Bonners Music Shop
Sat 15 - (Evening) SHEFFIELD Matida Social Centre PUNX PICNIC
Sun 16 - BIRMINGHAM Market Tavern
Mon 17 - HITCHIN Club 85
Thu 20 - BASQUE COUNTRY (Laudio)
Fri 21 - BASQUE COUNTRY (Laudio)
Sat 22 - BASQUE COUNTRY (San Sebstian/Donosti)
Sun 23 - BASQUE COUNTRY (Sopelana)
Fri 28 - DERBY Victoria Inn
Sat 29 - BIRMINGHAM Bearwood (4pm)
Sat 29 - RETFORD Broken Wheel (eve)
Sun 30 - BOSTON Indian Queen

Mon 1 - BRISTOL Packers Field
Tue 2 - BELPER Queens Head (solo)
Fri 5 - KETTERING Sawyers
Tue 9 - LANCASTER Yorkshire House
Wed 10 - EDINBURGH Subway
Thu 11 - DUNDEE Dexters
Fri 12 - ABERDEEN Tunnels
Sat 13 - ELGIN Ocean
Sun 14 - GLASGOW Queen Margaret Union
Thu 18 - IPSWICH The Railway


Punky Rebel Media have completed the first of three Eastfield films. More should follow in due course. Two of them can be downloaded from here.

MAY 2005:

The new Eastfield album EXPRESS TRAIN TO DOOMSVILLE containing 11 new tracks on CD is now available.

Also available now is the GATECRASHING EUROVISION CD EP. This contains all the silly cover versions that Eastfield have recorded -
Two versions of 'Oooh, Aah Just a Little Bit' by Gina G;
'Wasted' by The Dangerfields (recorded October 2003);
'Turn That Noise Down' which featured on the 'New Wave of Chas and Dave' CD.

Gigs continue to come in - amongst others Eastfield are playing at the Lancashire Reclaim Mayday event, the 'Wasted' festivals in Morecambe and Amsterdam, Glastonwick Beer & Music Festival, and the annual Tallington Ashes. Please check the gigs page for frequent updates.

A complimentary article on Eastfield 7" single releases has appeared in the 'Digging for Gold' section of Record Collector magazine (April 2005 edition). Click here to read the article.


Eastfield are currently rehearsing 11 new songs for the next album with a plan to go back to Jigsaw Studios to record it sometime during March. This will be the first recording with the present line-up.

Track listing: Another Boring Eastfield Song - God�s Plastic Railway - Mick Murphy�s Dirty Bar - Humour Exclusion Zone - Sharks Against Surfers - Burt Reynolds Rides Again - Slam! - It�s Gotta be a Record Breaker - Grant the Lumberjack - How to Rip Off Your Band Mates - David Icke.

T-Shirts There are some new designs. Please see the orders page...

MARCH 2004:
EASTFIELD/CONFRONTATION split 7" is out now.

Breaking with tradition, the Eastfield side has a version of Gina G's 'Ooh Aah, Just a Little Bit' recorded at the same time as the last CD. Well, why not? Bambi did the artwork. For their side, Confrontation from Lancaster provide 'Going Nowhere', an attack on Morecambe. Available in red, green or black vinyl. See releases/ orders page for details.

The next release should be the split 7" with The Dangerfields. We have recorded their classic 'Wasted', they will in turn be abusing one of our songs, possibly 'Fortuna Hell'. We plan to go into the studio with the new line-up to record two new songs to add to our side of the single. This will hopefully be out in the summer.

DISTRO: Over the past few years we have been lugging round a small distro to our gigs. We�re up for taking a few copies of releases by bands that we tend to play with, generally selling them cheaply to give those bands an additional outlet. This works well and towards the end of last year everything more or less sold out. We are currently in the process of restocking, so if any bands/small labels want to trade their stuff against ours please get in touch.

PERSONNEL: Eastfield are back on the rails again - with improved transportation logistics. The permanent line up has Chris from Bishops Stortford occupying the drum stool. We also have a decent vocal PA so can play anytime, anyplace, anywhere.

BOOTLEG: There is a good quality live recording from Tallington (August 2001) doing the rounds. Copies will be available soon.

New CD 'One Wrong Can Move a People, and a Wronged People Can Move The World'.

Featuring 5 new songs recorded at the wonderful Jigsaw Studios in Frognall:
  • Off the Rails
  • The Second Fastest Cycle Courier in London
  • Hearing Nothing About a Revolution
  • Air-Con One
  • Elvis is Dead and Jazz is Shit

Compilation Update: The 25 Years of Birmingham Punk CD was released in September on Punk Shit Records. As the title suggests, it features 28 songs from bands in and around Birmingham. Eastfield provide 'Broad Street Trash' from Roverbrain. Also included are: GBH, Police Bastard, Contempt, Spithead, Drongos for Europe, General Winter and others. See the releases page for further details.

'Never Gonna Make It' CD Is now available, £4 from us post paid. Features mainly ska bands but Eastfield donate 'Fare Dodging' from Roverbrain.

See the releases page for further details.

Punktured - Rape Crisis Benefit CD A compilation of DIY punk and hardcore bands who've played gigs organised by the Punktured Collective in Leeds. Features: Left for Dead, Active Slaughtered, Bug Central, Dog on a Rope, Anal Beard, and others. Available for £3/$8 post-paid from Punktured, c/o 145-149 Cardigan Road, Leeds LS6 1LJ, UK (although we should be getting copies soon). Eastfield provide 'The Gasman' from 'Fanaticos Para Trenes'.

Line-Up: After a two month overhaul, Eastfield are ready hit the rails again. Ben and Matt have reallocated to New Zealand and Spain. Joining the ever changing ranks of Eastfield are original bass player Bambi and Trina Vodkapunk. Bambi also plays bass for Blyth Power but don't hold that against him! A drummer is in the process of being conscripted then it's hey, ho, here we go...

The first gig with the new line up will be in Lancaster on Saturday 27 December.

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