There's always one to spoil the fun. Just as everything was back on track
we are now faced with an impending picture of doom and gloom.
Get out your turquoise tracksuit and repent ye sinners…

Woke up in the morning feeling truth vibrations
Inspiration to write a book
He once was a humble snooker commentator
Now he's a channel for Jesus Christ
All his followers wear turquoise tracksuits
It's the colour of cosmic love
When disaster wreaks havoc on this country
He'll be saying "I told you so"

'Cos the sea is going to swallow up the Isle of Arran
Along with Greece and the cliffs of Kent
China will fall to bad thought vibrations
Everyone's wearing black these days
He buried a piece of slate out on Salisbury Plain
So the world will be balanced and sane again
When his ramblings turn out to be madness
He'll write some more and put it to the test


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