Modern train tickets conveniently have a nice shiny surface whereupon stamps can be rubbed out until for all purposes they look like a fresh ticket that can be reused. On one such occasion a conductor was totally oblivious to this trickery but tried to state the ticket wasn't valid at that particular time of day. It bloody well was. He got so incensed by a superior knowledge of ticket pricing that he ripped the ticket up. Don't you just hate it when officious arseholes don't know their jobs properly? Luckily I had another equally bent ticket in my pocket to get me to my destination. Ha.

The desperate conductor is coming for you
The devil stole his fare book and his gripper too
All tickets are now valid via Timbuktu
He'll argue the case until his face turns blue

You can rip up my ticket but I'll still get home

The devil took his soul, sucked out the clag
Muted his whistle, put starch on his flag
Wiped clean the rule book when he lost his rag
Totalled my ticket, I've another in my bag

You can rip up my ticket but I'll still get home

He's on slow-speed control, he walks like a zombie
His cranium pierced by a 'B.R.1' key
His ticket machine has gone all wonky
He's a self-obsessed power-mad junkie

You can rip up my ticket but I'll still get home

"Stuff you, TTI". I said "Stuff you, TTI"
You can rip up my ticket but I'll still get home


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